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Clawdeen Wolf debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Jaundice Brothers", which premiered on May 5, 2010. She is voiced by Salli Saffioti in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 1


Jaundice Brothers - who won
When Radio KBLOOD announces a contest of which the prize is that the Jaundice Brothers will come play at the winner's school's homecoming dance, Clawdeen helps Frankie put together a tape to send in. As luck has it, they win the contest. Jaundice Brothers

Clawdeen participates in Monster High's 1361st Annual Charity Talon Show. One of her competitors is Cleo, who takes the stage just before her. When it is Clawdeen's turn, Cleo attempts to sabotage her performance by turning on the spotlight, which works as a substitute full moon on Clawdeen. She loses control, but rather than it being disastrous, she improvises her way through a killer dance that easily beats Cleo's. Talon Show

Party Planners - surprise
Clawdeen's Trigular Calcometry 101 class is hosted by a substitute teacher, Lou Zarr, who does not get along with the class. A conflict with Deuce leaves him petrified, upon which Clawdeen and the other students consider the class dismissed. Substitute Creature

Clawdeen and her friends organize a double-surprise party for Frankie and Draculaura, who are respectively having their Sweet 16 (days) and Sweet 1600. As part of the organization, Clawdeen and the others have to reject invitations by both Frankie and Draculaura for a single-surprise party for the other. While not fun, the double-surprise party makes it all worth it. Party Planners

Copy Canine - nervous Clawdeen
During Clawculus, Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Frankie try to get Lagoona to talk to rather than stare at Gil, a boy she likes. Blue Lagoona

Clawdeen had forgotten about the SAT today and is certain she will fail the test. Cleo advises her to cheat and get the answers from Ghoulia. Clawdeen attempts so reluctantly, but Ghoulia won't have any of it. She waits until the time is almost up, then goes through the answers at high speed, leaving Clawdeen no time to copy anything from her. Copy Canine

Photo Finish - ruined hair
Clawdeen has her hair frizzed by Frankie's haywire charge. Bad Scare Day

It's Picture Day, but Coach Igor's covering Study Howl and he's obsessed with sports. Clawdeen and her friends make a looks-destroying escape from a looks-destroying workout, though Igor eventually catches up to tell them they won't have run lapses because of Picture Day. Photo Finish

Ghoulia has her eyes on Slo Mo, but is too shy to talk to him. Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Frankie offer to help her out, but their aid is of such quality that Ghoulia timely decides to go with her own instinct. Cyrano de Ghoulia

Clawdeen supports Frankie when she develops a zit on her cheek. Bad Zituation

Clawditions - Clawdeen looks up
Clawdeen vies to be the leading lady of the school's production of Hamlet, but Cleo is her main rival. The two sabotage each other's auditions to the point they both end up in plaster while Draculaura gets to be leading lady. Clawditions

An eyeball fight breaks out during Biteology and Clawdeen participates. She is later chased out of the girls' bathroom by a frog infestation. Freedom Fight

Clawdeen is present at school when Headless Headmistress Bloodgood announces that Irene Maiden has been freed. Totally Busted

Freakout Friday - lightning strike
It is both Friday the 13th and Halloween, a rare occurrence that spells bad luck galore until three o'clock. Clawdeen and her friends panic, but Cleo assures them that her amulet will protect them. However, Ghoulia's carrying the amulet and she just walked off. The girls chase after her to be safe, only to find her use the amulet to get to the big clock and adjust the time to three o'clock. Freakout Friday
Shock and Awesome - TwiHard I
When Frankie's friends discover she's never seen a movie, they promptly take her to the auditorium to watch the entire TwiHard series. In preparing for the movie session, they overtax the room's electricity net. To solve this, the group hooks up the equipment to Frankie, allowing the movie session to go through but Frankie not to watch anything. Shock and Awesome

It is discovered that vampires have the ability to turn into bats and Clawdeen and Frankie ask if Draculaura can show them. Draculaura lies that she can, but not in front of them, so she leaves to the belfry where she falls asleep and a bat flies down into the school. Clawdeen and Frankie mistake the bat for Draculaura and spend a great day in its company. The Good, the Bat and the Fabulous

Fur Will Fly - Clawdeen howls
Cleo mistakenly believes that Clawdeen is running for Scream Queen too and sends out a rumor to sabotage her campaign. Clawdeen wasn't running, but the rumor transforms such that everyone votes for her. Rumor Run Wild

Heath Burns mocks Clawdeen's running abilities and challenges her to a match. The loser has to clean the Pit of Horror. Clawdeen accepts, knowing that the moon is full tonight. She, predictably, wins, and later goes to laugh with her friends at Heath during his cleaning duty. Fur Will Fly

Draculaura has a chance to meet her perfect guy, but she has to get into contact with him before school's out. Clawdeen smells which way he went. Horrorscope

Idol Threat - idol addiction
Cleo utilizes her mind-control idol more and more, despite Clawdeen's concern. Idol Threat

Clawdeen hosts a sleepover, which is attended by Lagoona, Cleo, and Frankie. A Scare of a Dare

To help Lagoona with an unexpected parent-teacher conference, Clawdeen, Frankie, and Cleo dress up Slo Mo as Lagoona's aunt Lantic so he can figure out what the conference is about. Parent-Creature Conference

TV specials

Clawdeen rescues Frankie and Draculaura from a zombie flesh mob on Tuesday of Frankie's first week at Monster High, pulling them into the girls restroom where she was at the time. She accidentally triggers Draculaura to faint at the mention of the word "blood," due to Draculaura's vegetarian nature.

From there Clawdeen and Draculaura act as messengers for Cleo, telling Frankie on Wednesday that, despite what happened at Fear Squad tryouts, Cleo would like to interview Frankie tomorrow morning regarding joining the squad. On Thursday, she bears witness when Frankie horrifies the creepateria by pointing out Deuce as her boyfriend, enraging Cleo in believing Deuce was cheating on her. Come Friday, Frankie makes amends with her and Draculaura, and gets their help to get Deuce and Cleo back together, and then celebrate with a concert by Justin Biter to fully get Cleo to forgive Frankie and make amends with her as well. Clawdeen even goes a little too wolf as she howls during the concert due to excitement. New Ghoul @ School

Volume 2


Fear-A-Mid Power - first pyramid attempt
Clawdeen is discussing makeup with Draculaura and Lagoona in the hallway until Frankie drops by. They skeptically ask her about the Fear Squad, which Frankie asserts is doing well. Scream Building

Frankie appeals to Clawdeen's sense of loyalty to get her to sign up for the Fear Squad. Why We Fright

Cleo is unhappy with the new Fear Squad's performance yet and orders them to attend every school event for the time being to gain experience. All of their cheers have disastrous consequences for the school's performance, but they keep trying. As a result of their mishap at an important casketball game, Clawd invites Draculaura to the Spirit Rally with him, which Clawdeen disapproves of. Fear-A-Mid Power

Beast Friends - grilled hamburger
Wary of the reasons behind their date, Clawdeen interrogates both Clawd and Draculaura. Beast Friends

The Fear Squad performs the cheer without Cleo, but blunders at the end. Fortunately, their failure is forgotten about as soon as it is time to dance. Varsity Boos

Denied for Gloom Beach, Clawdeen tries to console Cleo until Frankie informs the team they still have a chance if they go for the wildcard arrangement: create a fearleading video and get it a million hits on FrightTube in two days. Though the odds are low, the Fear Squad imediately gets to work. Gloomsday

Falling Spirits - Clawdeen full moon
The Fear Squad's video has barely gotten any hits, so the team tries to promote it. With Ghoulia's help, they manage to lure in a big audience and reach 999,999 hits. However, FrightTube chooses that moment to crash. Falling Spirits

The Fear Squad anxiously looks on as Ghoulia tries to do something about the crash. Despite her best efforts, the clock strikes 3:00 PM before she succeeds. Cleo tearfully thanks her friends for all they've done, but the mood is promptly improved when Deuce delivers the news that FrightTube crashed because of all the traffic to their video. Rather than a million hits, they've got two million hits. Their Gloom Beach invitation follows soon after. Fatal Error

Screech to the Beach - fashion chat
Clawdeen sleeps during the ride to Gloom Beach. She awakes when the bus arrives, only to find that the Fear Squad will be staying in a decrepit cottage. Screech to the Beach

When Scary Murphy hands the Fear Squad a list of chores to do, Clawdeen reluctantly and skeptically goes through them. Witch Trials

After finishing the chores, the Fear Squad relaxes at the beach while Cleo and Ghoulia work out a routine. The Fear Squad gathers at dusk to memorize the routine but they are watched by the werecats. Don't Cheer the Reaper

Road to Monster Mashionals - skeptical Clawdeen
It is discovered only at the competition that the werecats stole the Fear Squad's routine and gave it to Smogsnorts. Cleo uses the movements from the chores Scary Murphy had them do to improvise a new routine, which wins them the spirit staff. Road to Monster Mashionals

Clawdeen and the rest of the Fear Squad have become a target of revenge for the werecats. First they are splashed with water just as a fearbook photo is supposed to be made, and then Cleo is tricked into agreeing to stay at Monster High on the night of Friday the 13th. Queen of the Scammed

Frightday the 13th - jaws on fear
Clawdeen joins Cleo in spending the night of Friday the 13th at Monster High. They encounter a monster roaming through the school, but it turns out to only seek people to celebrate its birthday with. As well, Clawdeen confesses she hid Clawd's letters to Draculaura. Frightday the 13th

During lunch, the topic moves to relationships and Frankie lies saying she has a boyfriend. The girls want to meet him, so Frankie brings a life-sized voodoo doll to school the next day. Weirded out, the girls assure Frankie she does not need a boyfriend to fit in. HooDoo You Like?

Fear Pressure - werecats vs werewolf
Clawd and Draculaura are hanging out again following Clawdeen's confession. Clawdeen can't stand it and presents Draculaura with a steak so she'll faint and Clawd will acknowledge they won't work as a couple. Instead, Clawd is furious, which gets Clawdeen thinking. She apologizes to her best friend and promises to stop driving the two apart. Fear Pressure

Having just worked through her Biteology Finals, Clawdeen picks up her bag, only for it to be heavier than she expected. She drops it and the contents spill out, revealing four rotten gargoyle eggs. The surveillant, Mr. Rotter, warns Cleo the balloons better not be part of a prank. Fear the Book

Ghoulia has discovered that the werecats are behind the odd events of the day. Her friends thus confront the trio and learn that they plan to pin the blame of a stinkbomb on the Fear Squad so that they'll get expelled. The group rushes out and collects the bomb before it drops. Desperate Hours

Miss Infearmation Hyde and Shriek Daydream of the Dead Nefera Again Back-to-Ghoul Frost Friends Hyde Your Heart Ghostly Gossip Hiss-teria Phantom of the Opry The Bermuda Love Triangle Dueling Personality Neferamore Rising From the Dead Monster Mashionals Part 1 Monster Mashionals Part 2

Special webisodes

TBA Kind: The Shockumentary

TV specials

In "Fright On!", The ghouls have an appointment at the Maul to go see TwiHard IV: Abs of Intrigue. While waiting, Ghoulia buys herself a smoothie, but Cleo takes it from her and drinks it herself. Draculaura is late because she and Clawd discovered a sale and Draculaura just had to buy some of the outfits and accessories. Amused, the group makes their way to the theatre where a long line has formed by then, mostly consisting of Belfry Prep vampires and Crescent Moon High werewolves. All of them react oddly on the sight of the group and Clawd theorizes it's because he, as a werewolf, and Draculaura, as a vampire, are friends. Frankie resolves to say something about it, ignoring Lagoona's and Clawdeen's protests. She loudly tells the vampires and werewolves present that Clawd and Draculaura are dating, causing even more muttering, at which point Lagoona finally gets to say she thinks the initial attention was because Draculaura has toilet paper stuck on her boot. The theatre opens and the vampires and werewolves rush inside, trampling the Monster High students, who decide to catch a later show.

At school later on, the student body gets caught in the excitement of an announcement, for which they are asked to gather in the vampitheater. As the students speculate about the nature of the announcement, Draculaura and Clawdeen spot Howleen, Clawdeen's younger sister, looking for a place to sit. Clawdeen invites her over, but Howleen tells her she isn't going to sit with her big sister. Just then, Clawdeen notices that Howleen is using her old backpack and gets angry that Howleen again has been stealing stuff from her.

Bloodgood appoints the Fear Squad as the welcoming committee, something that only excites Frankie. Later, as the Fear Squad prepares with the help of Ghoulia, Lagoona, and Gil, Frankie is both made clear that everyone is pessimistic about their chances of making werewolves and vampires get along and made leader of the project, as she remains positive and enthusiastic about the matter nonetheless. The group promises to help her as well as they can, including Abbey, who comes in to return Frankie's right arm after she threw it through the window by accident.

The next day, the Fear Squad welcomes the new students and all goes as disastrous as predicted. Cleo finds that the Belfry Prep student body doesn't respect her like the Monster High student body does, and the vampires and werewolves nearly get into a fight with each other.

Right before the fight can commence in the gym, Howleen and Draculaura burst in to tell both sides to stop. The werewolves and vampires are surprised to see their kin well and free, so Bloodgood and Frankie explain Van Hellscream's plan and why Monster High is such a threat to him. Realizing they've been manipulated for awful goals, the vampires and werewolves agree to peace and the entire student body gets together to quickly put up a party to leave a good impression with the Skullastic Superintendents. Fright On!

Volume 3


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Special webisodes

TBA Fashion Emergency Super Fan Zom-Beach Party We Stop Hate Department of Monster Vehicles Royal Pest Sitter Cookie Creeper

TV specials

In "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?", Clawdeen does her very best to help her big brother, Clawd, with finding a good gift to give to Draculaura for her Sweet 1600th Birthday, but every one he tries hurts Draculaura's feelings and earns him a good whack from Clawdeen with a rolled-up magazine, and a stern look of annoyance and disappointment from her as well for the first couple of attempts. When Toralei begins to cause chaos at Draculaura's party with C.A. Cupid's bow after stealing it from the ghouls, Clawdeen uses herself as a decoy to draw Toralei's attention, allowing Frankie, Lagoona, and Abbey to disarm her and free Clawdeen and everyone else from Cupid's spell induced by her love arrows. She even approves of when Clawd finally finds the right gift for Draculaura in preparation to take her driving test again.

In "Escape From Skull Shores", Clawdeen is among the ghouls invited by Lagoona to visit the Great Barrier Reef and her parents in Australia for Spring Break. When their boat is sunk by a kraken, they are rescued by Bartleby Farnum and taken to Skull Shores. Clawdeen is among the ghouls who try to rescue Frankie after escaping a pitfall trap that catches Abbey and Ghoulia, but not her, Draculaura, and Cleo. Using her werewolf keen sense of smell to help follow the trail of the Beast of Skull Shores. They soon find the Beast, revealed to be a monster by the name of Andy, after he pounces on them, believing them to be hostile. Once Gil returns with the kraken and gets rid of Farnum for the time being, Clawdeen joins the others in returning to Monster High. When Farnum strikes again in his attempts to get Andy at Monster High, Clawdeen, along with Clawd and Howleen, try to stop him, but Farnum incapacitates them with a dog whistle from his cane. Once Kipling turned on Farnum and defeats him for good, Clawdeen joins the rest of the school in returning to Skull Shores for the extra week of Spring Break granted to them by Bloodgood while Monster High is being repaired.

In "Friday Night Frights", The ghouls are skating against a rival team in Skultimate Roller Maze (SKRM); highlighting the following players as they skate; Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, Lagoona, Abbey and Ghoulia, then finally Cleo. It is then shown Lagoona crosses the finish line and wins the game for Monster High. Her teammates skate over to congratulate and then the scene flips to Frankie, introducing what SKRM is all about, stating that girls are some of the best players, although it wasn't always that way. Last season was an example and then the film flashbacks to said time. The flashback begins with an unseen announcer welcoming all to the Skultimate RollerMaze game between the Nightmares of Monster High and the Gargoyles of Granite City, and both sides of the crowd are cheering for their team. The four fearleaders; Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Cleo; are cheering for MH.

Naturally, at the sight of ghouls in SKRM gear, the school is shocked by the decision of Frankie and her friends deciding to take the place of the former team. Clawd mainly is surprised, due to his being the captain of the team. At first, he believes it to be a joke, although once he finds out that the girls are serious, he urges them not to play, despite their knowledge of Robecca Steam, who apparently, according to Clawd, got demolished and was never heard from again. Draculaura then tries to reason with him, but he refuses to listen, much to the dismay of most of the ghouls. Nonetheless, with Frankie's assurance and persuasion, the lot of them decide to still play, for the fate of their beloved school, however, the training they attempt to pursue is worthless, due to their little to no knowledge of the sport. Most of them can barely skate or follow the rules, although they try and do what they can. During this training, Ghoulia finds yet another piece of metal, this one a bit bigger than the previous and blue, she seems both confused and pondering over what it is. Apparently, part of the ghouls' training is to skate throughout the school and despite they're getting better, Frankie and Draculaura are still lacking in the art of it, still quite clumsy with it. This is noticed by many students, but Operetta mainly for some reason, who watches their every move and eventually daringly rescues them from crashing and getting injured. Upon this, Frankie offers the music diva if she wants to join the SKRM team, although Operetta refuses, claiming that she's not the type to join any kind of organized team sports, and she leaves the ghouls, not bothering to say anymore.

The ghouls first matchup is against the all zombie school, the worst in the league. Frankie gets very nervous and short circuits, thus causing the team to a false start and be disqualified. Clawd confronts Draculaura and instead of offering help demands that she stop playing, or else he will break up with her. Draculaura refuses to abandon her friends. Then Manny and Heath videotape the fiasco and mock them. Operetta appreciates the rebellious attitude and joins the team, taking Cleo's spot. She helps teach the ghouls the rules, but her attitude makes her a poor coach. Luckily, Clawd returns as the team's new coach. After a strict training regimen, the ghouls are ready for their sophomore debut against Vampire Academy. The ghouls play well but are best at the last minute by rough tactics of the vampires. Serendipitous, Operetta was knocked into a pile of tires that contained glowing artifacts. Ghoulia explains that is the last piece she needed to rebuild Robecca Steam! Robecca is glad to hear that over 100 years SKRM has progressed enough to allow female players. The ghouls regretfully explain that is not the case, and they are the only all-ghoul team and are faced with prejudice. Robecca offers her assistance as a player, but she is still missing her balance modulator. Her one piece of advice is that "If you want to need to be true to yourselves...If you want to beat the boys you need to play like girls." Thus inspiring their new fashionable outfits. The gargoyles begin to mock the new outfits, but the masked player on the team reveals that she is, in fact, a ghoul. Rochelle Goyle announces that she transferred from Granite City to Monster High. She takes Frankie's spot on the team. The ghouls enter a round robin tournament and eventually make their way up the leader board until they qualify for the final match between Granite City. Instilling the school with pride, the ghouls are now wildly popular and even gained the respect of Manny and Heath, who even volunteer to be the team's new cheerleaders. During practice, Clawd fears that his intense training won’t be enough to defeat Granite City. Robecca tells Clawd every team has a weakness; he just has to look for it. Clawd notices that Toralei is spying on the team's practice, so hints that they need to play up the discord.

Eventually, Clawdeen gets injured, and Clawd calls an injury timeout. Draculaura doesn't want to come in, but Clawd tells her that he believes in her. The team starts up again. During the final stretch, Operetta calls out to Rocco to signal the two gargoyles for a sandwich maneuver.

Clawdeen quickly moves to catch it, then Draculara realizes that Clawdeen may have faked her injury to allow her the opportunity to compete in the finals.

In "Ghouls Rule", Clawdeen attempts to help out Frankie with celebrating her first Halloween, despite what they all saw in the Halloween Warning video, but finds herself caught in an attempt to find a date with Draculaura's help after she skipped out on a double date, per her usual habit. Clawdeen's reluctant attempts at a speed-dating session with Draculaura's aid backfires as she ends up storming off in fury when it's over. After helping to rescue Holt and lure the New Salem students to the Hall of Halloween, Clawdeen is decked out in her Ghouls Rule attire, and later, after restoring peace between New Salem and Monster High, Clawdeen makes amends with Draculaura, confessing that the thought of dating intimidates her, and soon tries again with Draculaura's cousin, Thad, successfully getting a dance with him. Her final shot shows her with Cleo, Frankie, Draculaura, and Abbey, all decked out in their Ghouls Rule dresses.

In "Scaris: City of Frights", She plans a 'Flashion Mob', a surprise fashion show starring herself and her friends at school.

Thanks to Ghoulia, however, the fashion show was put on FrightTube (with the awkward ending edited out) and had gotten quite a large amount of views, including Moanatella Ghostier, a renowned fashion designer. Clawdeen urges Ghoulia to remove the video, as fashion is about rules and Clawdeen herself believes she broke most of them with her outfits. But it had already caught Moanatella's attention, who had a very unique problem. She needed a protégé to carry on her designs, as she was running out of ideas and when people stop paying attention to her, she fades away. So she sends for three students, Jinafire Long from Fanghai, Skelita Calaveras from Hexico and last but not least, Clawdeen Wolf. Bloodgood calls in Clawdeen and her friends to explain the good news, and with a little begging, agreed to let her friends, consisting of Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, Cleo de Nile, Ghoulia Yelps and Lagoona Blue. She also let Rochelle Goyle accompany them, as she is from Scaris.

Finally in Scaris, the ghouls drop Clawdeen off at Moanatella's headquarters, and Frankie, Rochelle, and Ghoulia go look for Garrott in secret while the remainder of the group take in the sights. Clawdeen meets Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras and though friendly with each other, Moanatella coldly reminds them that only one of them will be her apprentice.

Somewhere, in Moanatella Ghostier's Headquarters, Skelita and Clawdeen talk about Skelita's tribute to her family. Clawdeen notices Jinafire's book around and decides to see her designs, but Jinafire becomes angry and scolds Clawdeen about the competition and that they're not supposed to be helping each other. Back in Monster High, Clawd Wolf (who becomes mega jealous of Draculaura, being in the most romantic city in the whole world without him - thanks to Heath Burns) seeks help from C.A. Cupid, and misunderstands her advice. He flies to Scaris with Deuce Gorgon (who misses Cleo a lot) and Heath, even when he told him not to go.

Back in the headquarters, Clawdeen was shouted at by Moanatella for the third time for not following the rules of fashion. Later on, she finds courage to look for inspiration on her old sketch book but Moanatella comes and tells her to throw it away, so she does after Moanatella goes through the floor. So, she starts designing like her the same time Toralei seems to make the frightseeing less fun for the other ghouls. After that, Moanatella tells the three designers that if they hear her ring the bell for three times, it meant she made a decision. She leaves after saying this.

The scene shifts to Jinafire and Skelita finding Clawdeen's book and sees it. Clawdeen walks in, and tells them to stop looking because she already improved. But, Jinafire and Skelita tells her that she wasn't being original already and that seeing her now saddens them.

They find Garrett who has been used by Moanatella for his fashion designs. This was why he couldn't write to Rochelle anymore. He tells them whoever wins Moanatella's "apprenticeship" will be locked up in the same place and be used just like him. At that moment, Moanatella and Clawdeen enter, and Moanatella traps Clawdeen in a cell with Garrott, Frankie and Rochelle.

Clawdeen announces a desire to 'beat Moanatella at her own game.' Skelita and Jinafire show up, having sensed that something bad was going to happen, and give Clawdeen her old design book back. The rest of the ghouls get to work designing a full fashion line of clothing, while Moanatella sets up her own fashion show across town.

Despite having lots of help, the ghouls aren't going to get finished it time, so Clawd reveals that it's a full moon, which causes Clawdeen to work double-time. At last, the show is finished, so they gather it up to take it to the fashion show. Ghoulia (who has bought a car with the money she's earned!) offers to help them get to the show.

They crash Moanatella's show and show off Clawdeen's real fashion line. The people love it and cheer Clawdeen, causing Moanatella to vanish forever because no one is paying attention to her. Skelita and Jinafire express a desire to transfer to Monster High, while Garrott tells Rochelle that he will stay in Scaris. The movie ends with the Monster High group posing at the fashion show.

In "From Fear to Eternity", Clawdeen and the ghouls have had a major blast exploring the wonderful 'City Of Frights'.Clawdeen found out that her fashion book came alive the more she wrote fashion designs in it. But their fun has just begun when they took separate planes. Frankie took Clawdeen's bag by accident and the book came to life and ran away.

In "Frights, Camera, Action!", Clawdeen joins Draculaura in returning to Transylvania when Draculaura is selected to be the next Vampire Queen by Prime Minister Lord Stoker. When Draculaura realizes Lord Stoker's true intentions, Clawdeen joins her in traveling to meet the Wolf siblings' big sister, Clawdia, in Londoom, Honey Swamp in New Goreleans, and finally, Hauntlywood, to locate Elissabat and the real Vampire's Heart. Once it is revealed that the Vampire's Heart was put in Robecca, and Veronica Von Vamp is really Elissabat's pseudonym after she fled Transylvania for Hauntlywood after learning of her uncle's intentions, Clawdeen joins her friends in celebrating Draculaura getting her full vampire powers, and then attends the debut of Elissabat's latest movie as Veronica Von Vamp.

Volume 4


TV Specials

Clawdeen is among the friends who are tasked with performing Mr. Where's play on Monster High's history to celebrate the school's bicentennial. She is also among the friends who travel with Frankie back to 1814 and meet, unknown to them at the time, Frankie's grandfather, Victor Frankenstein, known by his nickname Sparky, and Hexiciah Steam, Robecca's father. When Sparky damages the time portal before they jump in to return to 2014, due to having jumped in together with Venus, Clawdeen and Venus are accidentally fused together into the freaky fused hybrid, Clawvenus, with access to Venus' powers over plants, but a physical appearance of a cross between both ghouls in clothes, hair, everything. After Frankie turns to the hybrid students for help, Bonita Femur becomes Clawvenus' tutor to help her gain better control of her powers through meditation. Clawvenus soon becomes a prisoner of Sparky's Creation 4.0 when it attacks her and the other freaky fused hybrids of Frankie's friends, with Clawvenus being the last one to be captured after attempting to restrain Creation 4.0 so it could be deactivated. When Frankie uses her own life force to electrocute and deactivate Creation 4.0, Clawvenus is freed and defused back into Clawdeen and Venus, but her actions fatally drain Frankie, and she dies soon after freeing Draculaura and Robecca.

Using her good times she had with Frankie, Clawdeen is able to help revive her. Afterwards, she helps finish the play on Monster High's history, and welcomes Avea and the other hybrids to Monster High with open arms. Freaky Fusion

Volume 5


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Clawdeen is with Cleo, Draculaura, and Frankie, on the Fear Squad as they cheer on Lagoona and Sirena during a swim meet between Monster High and a rival school. When attempting a pyramid maneuver, Clawdeen overhears Toralei talking about Spectra's latest blog on the Wolf siblings having were-fleas. Enraged by that blatant lie, Clawdeen causes the squad to fall into the pool and be accidentally shocked by Frankie. Angered by Spectra's actions, Clawdeen confronts her about it and convinces her to look into posting truthful news on her blog instead of lies and gossip. When Spectra then learns that Draculaura is being haunted by a ghost, she leaves suddenly. Not wanting to leave Spectra after promising to help her with her blog, Clawdeen follows her with Sirena, Twyla, Draculaura, and Rochelle, leading to them meeting the daughter of the Grim Reaper, River Styxx, and visiting Spectra's old school, Haunted High. After meeting Vandala Doubloons, Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss, and Spectra's old friend, Kiyomi, Clawdeen and the other ghouls, who are known as "solids" in the Ghost World, have to flee when discovered by Haunted High's Principal Revenant and her Hall Moanitors. Unfortunately, Spectra is captured and taken back to Haunted High to face punishment for bringing non-ghosts to the school. Using some of Twyla's father's Boogey Sand to turn herself, Draculaura, Twyla, and Rochelle into ghosts, Clawdeen returns to Haunted High to save Spectra, while also taking notes of their adventure to help Spectra with her blog. When confronted by Revenant again, the ghouls are rescued by Porter, only for him to apparently betray them later to Revenant in exchange for being released from his Detention Chains. Using Clawdeen's notes, Revenant learns of the Boogey Sand and sends her Hall Moanitors to retrieve it in her plans for turning all of Monster High's student body into ghosts to punish in Haunted High with Detention Chains. Clawdeen and the others confront Porter about his double-cross, only to quickly forgive him when he reveals he swiped the key Revenant uses on her own chains to transfer their chains to himself, mostly to show he's sorry for ratting them out. Using the key, they free all of their fellow ghost students from Monster High, including Operetta, Johnny, and Scarah, and ride Vandala's ship back to Monster High, only to then use a portal from Kiyomi to get there faster and prevent the Hall Moanitors, using River's father's skiff, to turn their fellow students into ghosts for Revenant's scheme. Afterwards, Clawdeen uses her ghost power to help Kiyomi send the Hall Moanitors back to Haunted High, and bears witness as Revenant, revealed to be the Red Lady of ghost legend, is further punished for her actions against both Monster and Haunted High, and repents, promising to get rid of her chains through honest means from now on. After that, both schools celebrate, and after having a quick chat with Spectra and Porter, Clawdeen is reverted back to her werewolf self, letting off a happy howl, and joins in the festivities. Haunted

Boo York, Boo York

Volume 6


The students are playing and running around in Decomposition Class. Mr Rotter comes in and stops it, yelling that it's decomposition class, not "Greet Social, in which to 'party down'". He tells them that he has no idea how lucky they are to go to a school like Monster High, and Frankie tells him that they do appreciate going to Monster High. Rotter tells them all enough, and that they have to write essays on why they think they belong at Monster High, puts a smoke bomb down, and comes back to remind that they he doesn't give A's. Clawdeen says she guesses they better get writing. Frankie then says she thinks she has a better idea. When they pose for the camera, Lorna McNessie does a photobomb. Frankie gives why she belongs at Monster High, then all the other ghouls give why they belong at Monster High, but when it comes to Gory Fangtell, she says she's welcomed enough though she's been a "teensy bit mean", which Cleo corrects her on. Next up is Kjersti Trollson, who says she belongs because here, she gets noticed. Next is Quill Talyntino, who says she collects shiny things. She says she belongs at Monster High, because when she thought people were going to laugh, they didn't. Next up is Rider, who says he belongs because people get him. He says if he sets his mind to it, he can do anything, and Finnegan says this while spinning around in his wheelchair crazily. Frankie is then up, saying "we" belong at Monster High because every monster is welcome, freaky flaws and all. Mr Rotter at the end gives A's to everyone after watching that heartfelt, warm video. Decomposition Class

Mr.Grunderson storms down the halls of Monster High as Clawdeen complains about the loss of the arts programs. Twyla, next to her, adds that she will never be able to show off her stilt skills because of that decision. That moment the lights go off. Suprising everyone, one by one, spotlights light up over each member of the 'permanent' Freak du Chic: Frankie, Rochelle, Toralei, Jinafire, Honey and Gooliope, which introduces herself and the circus fundraiser she and the crew are about to organize. The students on the halls get excited, Clawdeen and Twyla plan to help at the show too, only Grunderson is not too amused.

Ãt the Board of Deaduction officer, Grunderson shows the Skullastic Superintendents the Freak du Chic posters, demanding for such activity to be canceled due to lack of authorization. However, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and Nightmare storm in the room and demands the show to be authorized, to wich the Skullastic Superintendents decide that, if the show isn't ready that night, the arts program will then be closed.

Bloodgood immidetly warns the Freak du Chic crew, which isn't happy with the decision, claiming they're not prepared. Bloodgood asks them to show of their talents. Frankie performs well but Honey gets tangled in her marionette strings, going against Frankie and knocking Toralei over, causing her ball to bump on Jinafire who falls over Rochelle. Bloodgood starts to worry, however Clawdeen and Twyla enter the room and ask for help to enter the show, to which Gooliope responds 'The more the merrier'. Freak Du Chic Act 2

Freak Du Chic Act 3 From Fear to There Part 1 From Fear to There Part 2

Generation 2


We meet Clawdeen Wolf next to an easel in the Monster High art room. She tells us sometimes she looks like the werebeast form she's in, and while shading in a drawing of her wolf form tells us sometimes she looks like that. She howls and laughs, prompting the set of little werewolves behind a red blanket to join in. Clawdeen introduces them as her brothers while they start chewing on the blanket, and Clawdeen asks: "Aren't they the cutest ever?". She explains how she and her family used to live in a cave deep in the moors; and how it was dark, and wet, and dirty-- but they were taught to be tough werewolves, and had each other, even though sometimes her brothers drove her a little crazy. To emphasize this, the brothers interrupt her illustrated story by crudely drawing a robot fight over it. They run off when Clawdeen scolds them that it's her thing, after which she sighs: "Brothers." She then perks up about all the ghouls like her at Monster High, and her new freedom to look however she wants to look and create anything she can imagine, a kind of life she never imagined a werewolf could have. Finally, Frankie calls her from downstairs: Ari is about to do a livestream. Clawdeen declares it a fashion emergency, tells us she's gotta go, and rushes off. Clawdeen - Meet The Ghouls

TV Specials

After being found in the moors she joins the main crew to find monsters for, and build, the school. Welcome to Monster High


  • In the intro part of the webisodes, when Clawdeen, Frankie and Draculaura are coming into view, Clawdeen has two left feet.


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