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Clawd Wolf debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Fur Will Fly", which premiered on December 2, 2010. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Ogie Banks in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 1


Fur Will Fly - track team talk.jpg

Heath Burns challenges Clawdeen to two laps around the track. Certain of himself, he brags to Clawd that Clawdeen will be easily beaten. Clawd, knowing the moon is full tonight, merely cryptically replies that Heath shouldn't have picked today to challenge her. Fur Will Fly

Volume 2


Why We Fright - fist bump.jpg

Clawd helps a troll with his books, unaware that this observation brings Frankie to suggest him as boyfriend material to Draculaura. Why We Fright

Clawd is about to make the winning throw in a casketball game when suddenly Draculaura falls into his arms, knocking the ball out of his hands and costing Monster High the match. Undaunted by this, Clawd comes to Draculaura's aid when Heath mocks her. He gets Heath to drop his and Draculaura's date and invites her to the Spirit Rally with him instead. Fear-A-Mid Power

Beast Friends - silhouette fantasy.jpg

Clawd plays a game of casketball in the hallways with the rest of the team, until Clawdeen pulls him aside. She interrogates him about his reasons to take Draculaura to the Spirit Rally, but he assures they are going as friends. Beast Friends

Clawd fulfills his Casketbal Captain duties at the Spirit Rally and later dances with Draculaura, which leads to her confessing her feelings to him. Varsity Boos

Draculaura and Clawd avoid each other for a while after Draculaura's confession. Gloomsday

Fatal Error - guy talk.jpg

Clawd is among the onlookers rooting for the Fear Squad to get their one million hits on FrightTube. Fatal Error

Draculaura has a dream of multiple Clawds joining her at Gloom Beach. Screech to the Beach

A letter from Clawd to Draculaura alerts Clawdeen to the fact the two lied to her about not being romantically involved. Road to Monster Mashionals

Queen of the Scammed - no talk.jpg

Draculaura confronts Clawd about him not writing her at Gloom Beach. Clawd vows he did write her, but Draculaura does not believe him. Queen of the Scammed

Clawdeen confesses to Draculaura that she hid Clawd's letters. Frightday the 13th

Both Clawd and Draculaura are giving Clawdeen the silent treatment. HooDoo You Like?

Fear Pressure - game talk.jpg

Clawd and Draculaura are hanging out again following Clawdeen's confession. Clawdeen can't stand it and presents Draculaura with a steak so she'll faint and Clawd will acknowledge they won't work as a couple. Instead, Clawd is furious at Clawdeen. They reconcile only after Clawdeen has apologized to Draculaura and promised to stop driving the two apart. Fear Pressure

Miss Infearmation

Clawd is locked in a pizza-eating competition with a hydra. He wins, but rather than congratulate him, Draculaura refuses his company and runs away. Elsewhere, Slo Mo prevents Heath's attempt at music by destroying his guitar. Both events are witnessed and reported on by Spectra Vondergeist on the Ghostly Gossip.

Clawd finds Draculaura and promises he'll improve his table manners for her. Draculaura merely laughs and explains that that isn't what she wants from him - the problem is that the pizzas had garlic topping on them. All he has to do is brush his teeth and they can dance.

As Clawd runs off in search for a sink happily, Draculaura and her friends meet up and talk about how the party is getting out of hand. Cleo is confident that all is fine, as no one present would ever tell her father about the party, but then Nefera appears in the doorway. She threatens to tell their father if Cleo doesn't do exactly what she tells her to and promises Cleo that this is going to be the worst summer of her life. Hyde and Shriek

Back-to-Ghoul Hyde Your Heart

Spectra Vondergeist is taking pictures of Deuce and Cleo, Draculaura and Clawd, and Heath Burns. She then retreats back to her hiding place in a closet to make up her gossip. Ghostly Gossip

The Bermuda Love Triangle Rising From the Dead Monster Mashionals Part 1

While the ghouls are performing, Nefera attempts her idols and charms, to which all are blocked by the ghoul's friends. The first sends a magic spell at the ghouls, but Abbey freezes it in mid-air. The second turns out the stage lights, only for Heath to provide light with his flames long enough for Ghoulia to turn the lights back on. The third summons a royal guard who throws a disk at the Fearleaders, but Clawd catches it before it reaches them. The fourth summons a shadow-like monster that flies toward the stage, but Operetta shatters the idol with her voice causing the monster to vanish.

Nefera is soon reduced to her very last one, which summons a large Scargoyle behind the ghouls. However, Toralei and the Werecat Twins show up and scare it off when they bare their fangs. Toralei (speaking for herself and the twins) admits that as much as they want to win, they'd rather not do it through cheating. The ghouls finish their performance without anymore interruptions and ultimately win Monster Mashionals.

Nefera shows her true colors when she snatches the trophy from the ghouls' hands and starts claiming how since she's the coach, she technically won. But Ghoulia shows Scary Murphy a video of Nefera deploying her idols, to which Scary Murphy not only disqualifies Nefera for cheating, but also has her stripped of all her previous fearleading awards. As the ghouls are lifted up by their friends, Cleo and Toralei (and her werecats) flash a friendly smile at each other. Monster Mashionals Part 2

TV specials

Draculaura is late because she and Clawd discovered a sale and Draculaura just had to buy some of the outfits and accessories. Amused, the group makes their way to the theatre where a long line has formed by then, mostly consisting of Belfry Prep vampires and Crescent Moon High werewolves. All of them react oddly on the sight of the group and Clawd theorizes it's because he, as a werewolf, and Draculaura, as a vampire, are friends. Frankie resolves to say something about it, ignoring Lagoona's and Clawdeen's protests. She loudly tells the vampires and werewolves present that Clawd and Draculaura are dating, causing even more muttering, at which point Lagoona finally gets to say she thinks the initial attention was because Draculaura has toilet paper stuck on her boot. The theatre opens and the vampires and werewolves rush inside, trampling the Monster High students, who decide to catch a later show.

Clawd and Romulus are playing a match of casketball and catching up on old times. When the vampires enter, Romulus's mood sours and gets worse when Clawd introduces Draculaura as his girlfriend. Again later, the group notices that the Belfry Prep vampires are manipulating the Monster High zombies into their service and that the Crescent Moon High werewolves are marking parts of Monster High as their territory. A minor incident over Draculaura brings two werewolves and three vampires nearly into a fight, causing Frankie and Abbey to rush to Bloodgood to discuss a plan before the situation escalates. They come up with a party at the cemetery—neutral ground—to get all groups to socialize.

The party initially is a disaster, as everyone is afraid to be the first to make contact and dance. On Frankie's urging, Clawd and Draculaura go first, and Abbey forces several other couples together on the dance-floor. This eases the mood and more couples form and join in dance and games, making the party a success. All are happy, except Crabgrass, who calls her boss, Administrator Van Hellscream, to inform him there is a problem. The next day, Van Hellscream shows up in Bloodgood's office. Bloodgood is elated, knowing Van Hellscream as a monster expert and promoter of human-monster relations, but Nightmare is immediately wary of the human.

Van Hellscream is aware of all these events and brings them together to work to his advantage. He sets a trap for Frankie and Abbey to capture them and Bloodgood that night, while he sends Draculaura a text message that makes it seem like Clawd wants to talk to her that night at the statue of Bloodgood, and also while he sends Howleen a text message that the vampires are planning to carve "Vampowerment" in Bloodgood's statue that night. Through this, he captures all five in one move and takes them to a place deep inside the catacombs.

Clawd broke up with Draculaura, the rumor that the werewolves have harmed her infuriates him and he demands Romulus to tell him what happened. Romulus denies involvement and points out that, if anything, Clawd should be worried about what has happened to his little sister. Clawdeen joins him then, revealing that she went to talk with the vampires and that they swear they haven't harmed Howleen. With Frankie also missing and Bloodgood's statue gone, Clawdeen figures that Frankie was right and that Van Hellscream is behind all the disappearances. She and Clawd decide to first find their friends and family using their superior olfactory abilities. This leads them to the catacombs, where they get Operetta to be their guide. The captives have freed themselves meanwhile and are making their way outside when they are attacked by scargoyles. With combined strength, they manage to hold the creatures off just until Clawd, Clawdeen, and Operetta find them.

Right before the fight can commence in the gym, Howleen and Draculaura burst in to tell both sides to stop. The werewolves and vampires are surprised to see their kin well and free, so Bloodgood and Frankie explain Van Hellscream's plan and why Monster High is such a threat to him. Realizing they've been manipulated for awful goals, the vampires and werewolves agree to peace and the entire student body gets together to quickly put up a party to leave a good impression with the Skullastic Superintendents. The plan succeeds, and after they've left, the students and Bloodgood confront and corner Van Hellscream and Crabgrass. Van Hellscream threatens to use one of his many potions and charms against the monsters, but Deuce beats him to it, petrifying both him and Crabgrass. Following this little interruption, the party continues. Fright On!

Volume 3


TBA Ghosts with Dirty Faces

Deuce and Romulus come by the Wolf household to ask Clawd if he wants to see the new Scary Rotter flick with them. Clawd wants to see the movie, but explains that he can't go until he finishes all the chores that his mom assigned him. At that moment, Clawdeen and Howleen step outside the door, once again caught in a fierce argument about Howleen's tendency to borrow Clawdeen's clothes without asking (in this case, a dress that Howleen claims Clawdeen doesn't even wear any more and claims looks better on her than it does on Clawdeen). Once they've gone back inside, Deuce comments how hard it must be to be living with sisters who fight like that. Romulus clarifies it's a wolf thing to try to establish dominance, remarking that his own sisters always make a competition out of everything. This gives Clawd a great idea on how to get his chores done--he tells Deuce and Romulus that he'll be able to see the movie with them, and asks to come back within an hour, claiming that he'll have his chores done by then.

Clawd first goes to Clawdeen's room with a basket full of laundry, casually asking if she's seen Howleen because he wants some tips from her for how to do laundry perfectly. This riles up Clawdeen, who grabs the basket to show Clawd she's better at it than he claims Howleen to be. Next, Clawd goes to Howleen and pulls the same stunt to get her to mow the lawn. Every time a sister is done with one chore, he goes back to trick her into doing another by bringing up the other sister.

An hour later, Romulus and Deuce return and ask if Clawd can come. Clawd mirthfully says he can, making it no secret to his sisters he manipulated them to do his chores for him. As he goes off to the movies with his friends, for one moment Clawdeen and Howleen drop their conflict to be angry at their brother, right until Clawdeen suggests she figured out Clawd's game before Howleen did. Sibling Rivalry

Unearthed Day Honey, I Shrunk the Ghouls Best Ghoulfriend Aba-Kiss Me Deadly Bean Scare, Done That

Spectra concludes her documentary by repeating the introduction: the fusion worked out because Monster High's ideals bring monsters of all kinds together. To illustrate the current quality of vampire-werewolf relations, she draws special attention to Draculaura and Clawd. Ironically, they are just in the middle of an argument. Hiss-toria

The Need for Speed

All the guys and ghouls of Monster high are frightfully ready for a night of celebration, everybody seems to have a plan for the new year.

The students count down from three and all shout Happy boo year! Heath salutes and promptly falls over as Spectra catches a picture of him falling. Boo Year's Eve

A group of five students is at work in the metal shop to create a commemorative for Clawd's amazing performance during the latest casketball match. The ball used in the game is to be the final touch to the commemorative. Reminiscing about the match, Heath takes the ball and throws it. Manny catches it and scolds Heath for being careless with an irreplaceable item. Deuce and Jackson each suggest they should hold on to it, which causes a fight between the four who is to get the honor. The ball becomes lost during the fight, bouncing right through a window and into a well. Tough As Scales

The students are initially skeptical about their need to be there for the tree, until Venus reminds them that the tree symbolizes their history. Spectra remembers the great stories she wrote under the tree, Manny notes he lost five soccer balls to the tree's branches, Ghoulia thinks back on all the times she studied under the tree, and Draculaura and Clawd recall how the tree was part of their first date. As the students share their individual experiences with the tree, his roots plunge back into the soil and leaves sprout from his branches. With no doubt that the tree has been revitalized, the students celebrate. Tree of Unlife

Draculaura tries to arrange a date with Clawd for later that day, but Clawd says he can't make it because he will be studying with Romulus, though he can't specify for which class. Draculaura thinks he acts weird and mentions the rejected date to her friends. Cleo is not surprised, elaborating that Deuce told her he and Clawd had promised Hackington to help repair his hearse. This confuses Lagoona, who corrects that the boys are going to Gil's house to work on a rap album. As if the three differing stories weren't enough of a clue they'd been lied to, the 'rap album'-part convinces all present that something fishy is going on.

The girls, along with Frankie, confront the guys and are finally told they'd been planning their Guys' Night Out for tonight and that they don't want to cancel that. Cleo asks them what they are planning to do if they were so secretive about it, but Clawd replies a girl wouldn't understand. Just then, Jackson passes by and makes an intimidating gesture towards Clawd, which Clawd responds to just as intimidatingly. As the guys walk away, the girls decide that they need to find out what the guys are planning to do. To this result, all of them outright spy on their male friends throughout the day, noticing talk about battle strategies and more intimidating behavior. Their conclusion is unanimous: the boys are planning a fight. The girls thus decide they have to stop them.

They get Ghoulia involved to help them track the boys, which brings the group to the cemetery. Following the noise of tough talk, the girls find the boys... playing a board game and playing it pretty seriously no less. Perplexed but also relieved, Cleo proposes to leave them to their game, but Lagoona objects, saying that the spectacle is hilarious. As the boys continue with their play-battle, unaware they're being watched, the girls get themselves popcorn. No Ghouls Allowed

I Scream, You Scream Frankie's Joltin' Juice Fierce Crush

The girls make their way to the track, where Clawd's letting Finnegan use the track. They berate him for letting Finnegan do something this dangerous, but Clawd counters that not too long ago girls weren't allowed to play SKRM either because others believed it to dangerous for them. As Clawd continues that Finnegan can decide for himself what his limits are, Finnegan crashes during a jump. Frankie asks if he's okay, to which Finnegan enthusiastically replies that he'll do that jump again. As the girls hesitate, Finnegan argues that if Monster High is about being yourself, they should respect his choice to do what he wants to do. He promises that if he needs help, he'll ask for it. Frankie and co. finally agree to stop getting in Finnegan's way, even when he asks them to light his wheels on fire for the second jump. Ready, Wheeling and Able

Creature of the Year Party Undead Student Disembodied President Clawbacks Angry Ghouls

Clawd meets up with Draculaura, who immediately spills everything Scarah just said. Clawd promises to talk with Invisi Billy to see if he can be prompted to act.

In the creepateria, Clawd asks Invisi Billy about Scarah and finds that he likes her too, but that he is afraid she doesn't like him and will respond badly if she'd mindread that he likes her. Clawd reports back to Cleo and Frankie, and though it seems like they are stuck, Frankie develops an idea to get around the problem. They prepare a picnic for two at the cemetery and Clawd tells Invisi Billy that Scarah has a date there with another boy. Meanwhile, Cleo tells Draculaura that Invisi Billy has a date at the cemetery with another girl. They agree that they should not tell Scarah, but as they part ways, Draculaura encounters her. Draculaura desperately thinks of not thinking of Invisi Billy's date, which Scarah picks up.

As bet on, Scarah and Invisi Billy both make their way to the cemetery that evening to find out who their rival is. To their surprise, they find no one but their equally surprised crush. It doesn't take them long to figure out they've been tricked. Grateful, amused, and happy, the two finally confess their mutual feelings. They have their picnic together and make sure to meet up with and thank their friends the next day. Scarah-Voyant

Special webisodes

At Monster High, a casketball game is about to take place between the home team and the West Valley Mages. The Fear Squad is present to cheer for the casketball team, though Ghoulia assures them that Monster High will win by 40 points, seeing as how the members of the West Valley High team are small and scrawny compared to the members of the Monster High team.

Surprisingly, within the first minute a member of the West Valley High team takes the ball from Clawd and scores one for the guest team. Even more surprisingly, this goes on until the score is 22-08 for the West Valley Mages. As the Fear Squad discusses what is going on, Ghoulia notices that the West Valley High coach has a crystal ball with him, with which he predicts Monster High's actions so his team can work them into their own plan. The Fear Squad wonders what they can do about this, and Ghoulia suggests that they try to create noise to make the crystal ball shatter. They'll need the audience's help for that though, so the Fear Squad lets Ghoulia lead a cheer filled with stomping and clapping that swiftly catches on with the audience.

While the opposing team's coach does almost drop the crystal ball, the artifact refuses to show even the tiniest of cracks. Worried, the Fear Squad again turns to Ghoulia, who unleashes a supernatural wail on the crystal ball, utterly obliterating it. Without the West Valley High team's ability to predict the future, the Monster High team catches up in no time, ending the game with a score difference of 36-54. Grateful, the Monster High students lift Ghoulia on their shoulders, chanting her name. Super Fan

Zom-Beach Party

The boys in the corridor, waiting in line to be the first bake sale customers, try to fight the creature, but even Deuce's gorgon stare doesn't stop it. Almost all of them are subsequently eaten by the cookie dough monster, but when it's Heath's turn to become a snack, the monster's weakness is found: heat. Heath quickly bakes the monster to death, after which all his friends and Mr. Hackington emerge alive from the cookie spill. Frankie spots the nail polish bit that caused all the trouble, revealing that Cleo is to blame. When Headless Headmistress Bloodgood arrives and orders the mess to be cleaned up, everyone agrees that to be Cleo's job. Cleo takes solace in the fact that at least the cookie spill contains chocolate chips. Cookie Creeper

TV specials

Clawd struggles to find just the right gift to give to Draculaura on her Sweet 1600th birthday, but his first couple of attempts end in failure, and him receiving a good whack on the head from his little sister, Clawdeen, and a rolled-up magazine. He even tries to ask C.A. Cupid for help via her radio show. He decides to go with a box full of memorabilia from several things he did with Draculaura, only to soon learn of him now having a rival in an old flame of Draculaura's from Transylvania, Valentine. When he learns of Draculaura now being under Valentine's spell, he seeks the aid of Cupid with freeing her, but ends up falling in love with Cupid upon being struck by one of her arrows due to Toralei's interference. After he's freed from Cupid's spell, he tries to get the box of memorabilia to Draculaura, but is pinned to a column by Valentine. However, the box reaches Draculaura, and the memories she has of items breaks Valentine's spell on her. Afterwards, once Valentine and Toralei are tossed out of Draculaura's party, Clawd presents Draculaura with a driver's instruction guide to help her study for taking her driver's test again. He joins Draculaura as she leaves Monster High in her new car, getting one last dose of payback on Valentine and Toralei by splashing them with muddy water as they drive past. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Operetta, Spectra, Clawd, and Deuce all received invites to the Great Scarrier Reef, but aren't able to come along because they or their families have other plans already. This leaves Lagoona herself, Cleo, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, Abbey, and Ghoulia for the trip together. Gil finally receives his invite, and though he cannot refuse his girlfriend, he makes no secret of it either that he doesn't want to go and fears Lagoona's parents reaction to a freshie like him. Escape From Skull Shores

Clawd and Rocco are basically neck and neck during the course, determined to win for their school. Rocco and Gary then notice Heath and Manny and are somewhat distraught, only before Rocco declare that they might as well finish off Monster High who, according to him, 'plays like a bunch of girls' (this statement, oddly enough, saddens the completely masked player behind them). After going through yet another course, Gary then pulls out a red cloak from almost nowhere, obviously causing Manny to become infuriated and skate furiously after it, thus ramming straight into Heath and the both of them are out. One of the Granite City players, the masked one, is startled and trips over them, and is left behind by the team, who yet again, cheats; this time more discreetly. Whilst neck and neck with Clawd, one of Rocco's skates mechanically remove a wheel from Clawd's and the last member of the MH SKRM Team falls to the ground right before crossing the finish line, thus allowing Granite City to win the game.

Naturally, at the sight of ghouls in SKRM gear, the school is shocked by the decision of Frankie and her friends deciding to take the place of the former team. Clawd mainly is surprised, due to his being the captain of the team. At first, he believes it to be a joke, although once he finds out that the girls are serious, he urges them not to play, despite their knowledge of Robecca Steam, who apparently, according to Clawd, got demolished and was never heard from again. Draculaura then tries to reason with him, but he refuses to listen, much to the dismay of most of the ghouls. Nonetheless, with Frankie's assurance and persuasion, the lot of them decide to still play, for the fate of their beloved school, however, the training they attempt to pursue is worthless, due to their little to no knowledge of the sport. Most of them can barely skate or follow the rules, although they try and do what they can. During this training, Ghoulia finds yet another piece of metal, this one a bit bigger than the previous and blue, she seems both confused and pondering over what it is. Apparently, part of the ghouls' training is to skate throughout the school and despite they're getting better, Frankie and Draculaura are still lacking in the art of it, still quite clumsy with it. This is noticed by many students, but Operetta mainly for some reason, who watches their every move and eventually daringly rescues them from crashing and getting injured. Upon this, Frankie offers the music diva if she wants to join the SKRM team, although Operetta refuses, claiming that she's not the type to join any kind of organized team sports, and she leaves the ghouls, not bothering to say anymore.

The ghouls first matchup is against the all zombie school, the worst in the league. Frankie gets very nervous and short circuits, thus causing the team to a false start and be disqualified. Clawd confronts Draculaura and instead of offering help demands that she stop playing, or else he will break up with her. Draculaura refuses to abandon her friends. Then Manny and Heath videotape the fiasco and mock them. Operetta appreciates the rebellious attitude and joins the team, taking Cleo's spot. She helps teach the ghouls the rules, but her attitude makes her a poor coach. Luckily, Clawd returns as the team's new coach. After a strict training regimen, the ghouls are ready for their sophomore debut against Vampire Academy. The ghouls play well but are best at the last minute by rough tactics of the vampires. Serendipitous, Operetta was knocked into a pile of tires that contained glowing artifacts. Ghoulia explains that is the last piece she needed to rebuild Robecca Steam! Robecca is glad to hear that over 100 years SKRM has progressed enough to allow female players. The ghouls regretfully explain that is not the case, and they are the only all-ghoul team and are faced with prejudice. Robecca offers her assistance as a player, but she is still missing her balance modulator. Her one piece of advice is that "If you want to need to be true to yourselves...If you want to beat the boys you need to play like girls." Thus inspiring their new fashionable outfits. The gargoyles begin to mock the new outfits, but the masked player on the team reveals that she is, in fact, a ghoul. Rochelle Goyle announces that she transferred from Granite City to Monster High. She takes Frankie's spot on the team. The ghouls enter a round robin tournament and eventually make their way up the leader board until they qualify for the final match between Granite City. Instilling the school with pride, the ghouls are now wildly popular and even gained the respect of Manny and Heath, who even volunteer to be the team's new cheerleaders. During practice, Clawd fears that his intense training won’t be enough to defeat Granite City. Robecca tells Clawd every team has a weakness; he just has to look for it. Clawd notices that Toralei is spying on the team's practice, so hints that they need to play up the discord. The next day Toralei tries to conspire with Operetta against the team.

The final match against Granite city is intense. The gargoyles try to muscle the ghouls, but they use the agility and Abbey's ice powers to avoid many pitfalls. Eventually, Clawdeen gets injured, and Clawd calls an injury timeout. Draculaura doesn't want to come in, but Clawd tells her that he believes in her. The team starts up again. During the final stretch, Operetta calls out to Rocco to signal the two gargoyles for a sandwich maneuver. Operetta being a double agent, Dracularua and Rochelle were ready for the move and jump out of the way. Operetta then tackles the two gargoyles, while Rochelle slingshots Draculara to the front with Rocco (thanks to a sonic blast boost from Operetta). In a photo finish, Draculaura wins by a leg. It is revealed that it was Clawd’s plan all along. Toralei couldn't pass up the chance to betray the Ghouls, and Granite City couldn’t pass up the chance to cheat. Now the champions, they win back their crest, thus restoring the school from its dilapidated state. They are also entitled to Granite Highs crest, but Frankie realizing the futility of "traditions" especially ones that cause suffering to others, refuses to accept the crest since it will also cause Granite High to decay. Meanwhile, Ghoulia realizes that the trophy is actually Robecca's balance module. Manny and Heath battle for front row pictures of the new, but bump the trophy out of Clawd's hands. Clawdeen quickly moves to catch it, then Draculara realizes that Clawdeen may have faked her injury to allow her the opportunity to compete in the finals.

The movie ends with a roll call of the new co-ed team: Clawd, Operetta, Manny Taur, Gil Webber, Lagoona Blue, Heath Burns, Rochelle Goyle, and Robecca Steam. Friday Night Frights

As each year prior to Halloween, the students of Monster High are shown a video to warn them of the dangers they might face up until after the holiday. Halloween traditionally is the day that the humans come out to hunt for monsters, and even if few humans still practice the holiday like that, monsters still can't consider themselves safe days prior to and on Halloween itself. Most of the students are familiar with the video and moreso that no Halloween attack has happened within their lifetime. Therefore, all are unimpressed and uninterested, except Frankie, who's about to experience her first Halloween ever. Having first read about the holiday in magazines, she is utterly shocked that Halloween isn't about candy and fun.

After class, she talks with Clawdeen, Clawd and Draculaura about the video, unsure what to believe. Her friends tell her not to worry, including Draculaura, but she nonetheless tells the tale of how centuries ago, tomato juice on her mouth and clothes was mistaken for blood and her family were chased from their home in Transylvania.

Armed with this new knowledge, the four return above ground, finding their friends gathered outside around a mildly gruesome pumpkin display—another attack by the humans. Heath takes it lightly, believing the humans to be out of ideas, and picks up a pumpkin. This activates a mechanism that has all the students outside the target of a rain of pumpkins. Abbey moves in to protect Heath, which he is initially grateful for until Manny mocks him for being saved by a girl. The worst victim of the pumpkin rain is, once more, Cleo. Bloodgood announces an emergency meeting in the auditorium, where she advises the students to not go outside without human disguise until Halloween is over. Frankie protests and holds a speech about being proud of who you are and that she has discovered that Halloween used to be a holiday to celebrate monsters.

Her fellow students respond with enthusiasm, but not as Frankie wanted them to: The student body declares they'll take back their holiday by force. On her father's and sister's urging, Cleo takes it upon herself to lead the movement. However, they also demand that she gets rid of Deuce, something she finds much harder to comply with.

As all this is going on, Draculaura and Clawdeen get stuck with their own problem as Clawdeen skipped out on a double date, as she's prone to do. Draculaura realizes Clawdeen has never been on a date and resolves to get her to go on one, one way or another. Meanwhile, Abbey learns from Lagoona that what is bothering Heath is that his male ego got hurt because he needed a girl's help, which Abbey finds stupid. The two meet up with Frankie and Deuce in the hallway and witness a number of students giving each other strange signals. Thanks to Heath's idiocy, they learn that there's a meeting in the courtyard later where the students will discuss their plans to get back at the humans. The four decide to spy on the event and learn that Cleo is the instigator. After her speech and Jackson's transformation to Holt (as Jackson, being a human, isn't allowed to partake in the revenge), the group goes into the catacombs to get to New Salem High to vandalize it like what had been done to Monster High. Frankie and her friends follow them. On the way, Holt runs off in front of the group, thinking they are too slow. When finally the group reaches New Salem High, they find a huge Skullette drawn onto the school's front side. As they are wondering what to do to top that kind of vandalism, the New Salem Police arrive to investigate the damage. The students run and, as per the Halloween Warning video's advice, hide themselves in a variety of clever ways.

Eventually, everyone makes their way in front of a certain house, where they discuss whether Holt could be responsible for the graffiti and how to get back to the catacombs. Before they can move, the door opens. A boy, Chad, invites them in for the party, thinking they are humans in Halloween costumes. The Monster High students conclude that the police won't be looking for them at the party, so they accept the invitation. Inside, most wish to use the opportunity to still exact revenge, while others decide to just enjoy the party. Frankie meets a human named Clair, who takes a special interest in the new arrivals. All in all, the monsters handle themselves well at the party until three more guests arrive: the two boys that trashed Monster High and their 'boss', Lilith Van Hellscream. Coming from a family of famed monster hunters, Lilith immediately suspects that some of the guests are monsters and is proven right when Heath's clumsiness reveals them. A fight between monsters and humans is prevented by Chad and Clair, who point out that there is no proof they have to be afraid of monsters. Just then, a siren is heard outside and everyone rushes out the door to see the police arrest Holt. When Lilith points out that there are more 'evil monsters' present, the rest of the Monster High students run, leaving Holt behind for the time being to be incarcerated for the vandalism to New Salem.

Back at Monster High, all the students that went to New Salem have detention. During this, Cleo gets a phone call from her father, who says he's proud of her for doing what she believes in. As the call is on speaker, Deuce can hear it and interjects that it's not what Cleo believes in. Ramses replies that Cleo needs someone who supports her and if Deuce can't be that someone, Cleo may not stay with him. As Deuce refuses to yield to the De Niles' ideas, Cleo breaks up with him. Elsewhere at Monster High, Draculaura has arranged a speed-dating session with several guys for Clawdeen, which Clawdeen angrily and reluctantly agrees to. It goes about as well as expected, with Clawdeen stomping off furiously in the end.

Shortly after, New Salem High gets vandalized a second time, and both the humans and monsters think it's Holt again. The humans call for his arrest, while the monsters generally are impressed with and proud about Holt's accomplishments. Hearing her father's and sister's voices in her head still, Cleo lies to her fellow students that Holt sent her an email confirming he is responsible for the attacks on New Salem High and that he will keep in contact until his return with Cleo only because she was the one to inspire him, which makes Cleo a figure of unquestioned authority in the eyes of most of her peers. She does tell her audience that Holt will keep them up to date through his Critter account. Frankie, Deuce, Abbey, and Lagoona don't know what to think of the mess, but they do know they need to stop Holt before things get out of hand even more. With Ghoulia's help, they find out that Holt is somewhere inside New Salem High and they go out to get him that night. Coincidentally though, right that night, Lilith and her goons are working to vandalize their own school again, this time in costume and with a camera ready to film the act as fake evidence that monsters were behind the vandalism. Lilith immediately spots the four monsters trying to get into New Salem High and gets the police. Frankie and co. find Jackson hidden away in a closet, but the reunion is cut short when Lilith and the police arrive, force Jackson to transform into Holt, and arrest him. The other four are free to return to Monster High, where they're again put in detention. Worse, during their talk with Bloodgood, the headmistress receives a phone call to turn on the TV. The Sheriff holds an announcement that he will return the true meaning of Halloween by condemning Holt to the Trick-or-Treatment, a death sentence not used in two hundred years. Bloodgood is further informed by the Monster Elder Council that no action will be or may be taken to save Holt. Ghouls Rule

Back in Monster High, Clawd Wolf (who becomes mega jealous of Draculaura, being in the most romantic city in the whole world without him - thanks to Heath Burns) seeks help from C.A. Cupid, and misunderstands her advice. He flies to Scaris with Deuce Gorgon (who misses Cleo a lot) and Heath, even when he told him not to go.

Clawd, Deuce and Heath wander the streets of Scaris (passing by Ghoulia without noticing her) looking for the ghouls. Clawd smells Clawdeen's scent and follows them into the catacombs. Using their powers, they rescue the ghouls and Garrott. Clawdeen announces a desire to 'beat Moanatella at her own game.' Skelita and Jinafire show up, having sensed that something bad was going to happen, and give Clawdeen her old design book back. The rest of the ghouls get to work designing a full fashion line of clothing, while Moanatella sets up her own fashion show across town.

Despite having lots of help, the ghouls aren't going to get finished it time, so Clawd reveals that it's a full moon, which causes Clawdeen to work double-time. At last, the show is finished, so they gather it up to take it to the fashion show. Ghoulia (who has bought a car with the money she's earned!) offers to help them get to the show.

They crash Moanatella's show and show off Clawdeen's real fashion line. The people love it and cheer Clawdeen, causing Moanatella to vanish forever because no one is paying attention to her. Skelita and Jinafire express a desire to transfer to Monster High, while Garrott tells Rochelle that he will stay in Scaris. The movie ends with the Monster High group posing at the fashion show. Scaris: City of Frights

Clawdeen Wolf and the ghouls have had a major blast exploring the wonderful 'City Of Frights'.Clawdeen found out that her fashion book came alive the more she wrote fashion designs in it. But their fun has just begun when they took separate planes. Frankie took Clawdeen's bag by accident and the book came to life and ran away. After Frankie found out about the book, Frankie and the ghouls travel around the world—from Scaris to Fangladesh to the Himalayas to Haunt Kong to the Scarehara to Transylvania to Doombai—to get it back before Clawdeen finds out about the book missing. They get it back at the end and they found out that the book was teaching a lesson to them. The lesson was that chasing the book led them to many places, and that they need to enjoy the trips. From Fear to Eternity

Clawd does his best to keep Draculaura in good spirits as she's picked on over her disgust of Veronica Von Vamp and her movies by Toralei, Gory, and other students, however, when Draculaura is asked to return to Transylvania for her coronation as the Vampire Queen by Vampire Prime Minister Lord Stoker, Clawd has to stay behind at Monster High, leaving him deeply upset over being separated from his girl for some time. Despite his grief over not seeing Draculaura for a while, he joins with Deuce and Gil to remain neutral in Toralei and his little sister Howleen's argument over which of two handsome actors is better looking. He even remains neutral about it once it is resolved in Cute Court that the two actors are the same guy portraying both roles. Later, he is reunited with Draculaura at the debut of Veronica's latest movie, and her coronation as the true Vampire Queen, Elissabat, being summoned to Draculaura's side by a dog whistle. After that, he joins Draculaura as her date for the movie, joined by their friends and the rest of Monster High. Frights, Camera, Action!

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As Clawd cheers on Lagoona and Sirena during a swim meet, he finds himself soon being alienated by Deuce, Gil, and the other guys thanks to a piece of gossip about him and his sisters having were-fleas told to Spectra by Toralei. He ends up taking it seriously so much that he is forced to keep his distance from Draculaura and have other guys like Johnny Spirits deliver gifts to her on his behalf. In the end, Clawdeen resolves the problem and reveals the gossip being fake, and Clawd is able to be with Draculaura again during the celebrations for Monster and Haunted High's new unity and friendship. Haunted

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