Toralei and Cleo fright for the lead role in the latest MH production of The Wizard of Ooze.


Cleo and Toralei are both after the part of Gorothy in the school production of The Wizard of Ooze. Prior to the auditions, Toralei notes that the role of Gorothy is for a young girl and that Cleo is too old to stand a chance. Worried, Cleo grabs for a bottle filled with water from the Fountain of Youth that she got from her great-great-grandmother and turns herself a suitable younger age with a drop or two.

At the auditions, Mr. Where is greatly impressed by Cleo's performance. Toralei doesn't trust the matter and follows Cleo backstage. She sees Cleo gain age as the water's effect wears off and then sees her become younger again by applying the water. Toralei confronts her and demands the water to be used on her too. Cleo refuses, leading to a struggle between the two for the bottle experienced by Abbey and Frankie. Predictably, the potion slips from their hands and spills the water all over the two girls, turning them into "monster babies". On top of that, the amount of water also means they'll stay like that for much longer than Cleo was merely younger. There is a cure, but Cleo's great-great-grandmother will have to send it to her and callbacks are in two minutes.

The girls decide to tell Mr. Where what happened. Blaming each other for the accident, they begin to fight again. Mr. Where draws their attention by claiming they are both perfect for the part. Confused at first, Mr. Where elaborates they will take the role of the Grunchkins, which the Toralei and Cleo grudgingly accept. The role of Gorothy is given to Venus.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Howleen Wolf
  3. Scarah Screams
  4. Manny Taur
  5. Toralei Stripe
  6. Mr. Where
  7. Venus McFlytrap
  8. Abbey Bominable
  9. Frankie Stein
  10. Heath Burns
  11. Gillington Webber
  12. Sloman Mortavitch
  13. Ghoulia Yelps
  14. Draculaura
  15. Clawd Wolf
  16. Bram Devein
  17. Gory Fangtell
  18. Spectra Vondergeist
  19. Romulus
  20. Operetta
  21. Iris Clops



  • The Wizard of Ooze, Gorothy, the Grunchkins, and the Trollitod Guild are all monster-ified versions of elements of the Oz books and the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Gorothy is a play on Dorothy, the Grunchkins are the Monster High version of the Munchkins, and the Trollitod Guild is a pun on the Lollipop Guild.


  • Though originally uploaded on October 3rd, most users couldn't load the video on YouTube. It was set to private soon after, and another working version uploaded on October 7th.
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