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  • Primary pets - The pets of Monster High that are marketed by the franchise. Usually, they have a trademark and get a role in their owners' diaries.
  • Secondary pets - The pets of Monster High that are essentially fiction-only and rarely feature in more than one medium.

All characters within a section are listed alphabetically.

Primary pets


Aye is a cuttlefish owned by Vandala Doubloons.


Azura is Nefera de Nile's pet scarab beetle, which she thinks is a source of good luck. Her color is turquoise and gold, her theme is turquoise.

Captain Penny

Profile art - Captain Penny.jpg
Captain Penny is a robotic penguin owned by Robecca Steam.


Cawtion is a raven owned by River Styxx.


Chewlian is a hungry venus flytrap owned by Venus McFlytrap. This pet is really nice and kind and is not mean and rudeeeeeeee.

Count Fabulous

Profile art - Count Fabulous.jpg
Count Fabulous is Draculaura's pet bat. He has a fondness for insects, which is a good thing considering Draculaura's vegetable garden attracts hundreds of them. He usually wears a pink heart dress and bow to please Draculaura. His color is black, and his theme color is black(main), and pink(sub).


Profile art - Crescent.jpg
Crescent is Clawdeen Wolf's fuzzy little kitten. Like Clawdeen, Crescent has an alpha attitude and usually goes her own way, but she is also loyal to those important in her life. Her color is purple, and her eye is gold and black, as the werewolf/werecats. Her theme color is purple.


Crossfade is Holt Hyde's pet, a yellow and orange chameleon. He seems to enjoy music and accompanies his owner on night time strolls when they first move and get to know the place. Being the same person, Jackson Jekyll also owns Crossfade, but when with him Crossfade is green and yellow. His color, yellow-green and red-orange, his theme color is red orange(Holt Hyde) and yellow-green(Jackson Jekyll).


Profile art - Cushion.png
Cushion is Howleen's pet hedgehog with a mohawk.


Profile art - Dustin.png
Dustin is a dust bunny owned by Twyla.


Profile art - Hissette.jpg
A cute little cobra with a not-so-cute bite. Hissette was an accidental stowaway in a gift from Egypt to Cleo de Nile and was swiftly adopted by the princess. She is normally dressed in gold bangles. Her color is light blue-green, and her theme color is also light blue-green.


Huebert is a raccoon owned by Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss.

Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs

Profile art - Memphis Longlegs.jpg
Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs is Operetta's pet spider. His theme color is light purple or mauve.


Nati is a butterfly owned by Skelita Calaveras.


Profile art - Needles.jpg
Needles is a voodoo sloth owned by Jane Boolittle.


Profile art - Neptuna.jpg
Lagoona Blue's pet piranha is normally quite friendly despite her species. Lagoona carries her around in a special fishbowl purse. Her color is pink and light pink, her theme color is pink.


Nightmare is the fire-breathing horse of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, functioning both as a pet and an assistant. Nightmare is a neurotic wreck of a horse, but intensely loyal to her owner and appreciative of kind gestures.


Profile art - Perseus.jpg
Perseus is a two-tailed black and orange rat owned by Deuce Gorgon. Deuce's mother was never pleased that her son named him after her enemy, and she once threatened to turn the rat into a paperweight if he kept raiding the kitchen for cheese. His color is gold and grey, his theme is grey.


Profile art - Qing.png
Qing is a qilin owned by Jinafire Long as a preliminary prototype, but now does not exist in the franchise.


Profile art - Rhuen.jpg
Rhuen is a cheeky ghost ferret owned by Spectra Vondergeist. Her color is mauve and light purple, her theme is light purple.


Rockseena is a rough gargoyle bulldog owned by Clawd Wolf. Her theme color is grey, as her color is also grey, with red-rose eyes.


Profile art - Roux.png
Roux is a gargoyle griffin owned by Rochelle Goyle, she's protective of her owner.


Profile art - Shiver.jpg
Shiver is Abbey Bominable's pet wooly mammoth, she is very tough. Shiver's color is light ocean blue(skin) and white(fur). Her theme color is light ocean blue.


Profile art - Shoo.png
Shoo is a fly owned by Wydowna Spider.

Sir Hoots A Lot

Profile art - Sir Hoots A Lot.jpg
Ghoulia Yelps's powder blue owl. He is very smart but sometimes stubborn. His color is blue and medium-dark blue, and his theme color is blue.

Sultan Sting

Sultan Sting.png
Sultan Sting is a scorpion owned by Gigi Grant.

Sweet Fangs

Profile art - Sweet Fangs.png
Sweet Fangs is Toralei Stripe's pet saber-tooth tiger cub, he is quite tough and can go through a ball of dragon thread a day. His color is orange and dark orange, his theme color orange.


Profile art - Watzit.jpg
Watzit is Frankie Stein's pet simulacrum. Like his mistress, he has been stitched together, in his case from the best parts of several other house pets. Watzit takes mostly after his dog components. His color is brown and hazel-gold brown. His theme color is brown (main), and gold(sub).

Secondary pets


Frido is Rochelle Goyle's secondary pet to Roux. He is a fuzzy ball of fluff who appears to have no eyes or nose, but he is mainly based off of the a Gremlin from the movie The Gremlins, with similarities of the "do's and don'ts" of how to treat one from the Warner Brothers movie, The Gremlins. His name is literally based on the name "Fido", as long with an anagram for the word "fright". Frido also hibernates by shedding his skinless fur all the way, showing bones, but this is done more quickly after not following the rules how to take proper care of him.


The frogs are Lagoona Blue's pets at school since the day she saved them from dissection. Their numbers are legion and they eagerly help Lagoona whenever she asks them for it. So far they are the only additional pets to be made as a figurine in a doll set.


The Glitterati are five lab rats owned by Frankie Stein, who wear a "coat" of glitter. They were introduced in the Monster High books and later seen in "New Ghoul @ School" and "Fright On!".

Guinea pigs

The guinea pigs are rodents owned by Marisol Coxi. They appeared in the Volume 5 webisode "Meet You In Monster Picchu".


Smokey is Deuce Gorgon's pet dragon from when he was a little boy. Smokey was the first pet he had. While playing one day, Deuce accidentally petrified Smokey and because he had little control over his powers back then, the spell didn't wane after 24 hours. Smokey has been a statue for many years while Deuce waits, heart-broken but patient, until the day he can be reunited with Smokey.


Facebook - pink mini-dragon.jpg
  • On October 6, 2010, the student that hosts the Monster High Facebook account asked the visitors what kind of pet she should pick now that her parents finally allowed her to have one. The visitors could choose between a striped owl, a white hamster, or a pink mini-dragon. As revealed on October 20, 2010, the pink mini-dragon won the vote. The Facebook host referred to her pet as a "he".
  • C.A. Cupid is known not to have a pet. However, in Ever After High, she has a pegasus named Phillia.
  • Purrsephone and Meowlody previously had a pet canary, but one of them became allergic and so they had to part with him.
  • Invisi Billy used to have a dog, but he had to give him away because he couldn't walk him without people thinking the dog was a stray. Nowadays, Invisi Billy has a box which may or may not contain a cat.