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  • Miscellaneous characters - Every character or group of characters that cannot readily be placed on the student or adult subpages.
  • Dead Fast cast - In addition to the above, there is a handful of characters that are fiction even in the fiction of Monster High. So far, they are all part of the Dead Fast cast.

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Miscellaneous characters

Celebrity backgrounders

As Monster High is about teenagers, obviously it has to reserve a spot for celebrities to idolize. To fill that spot, a number of celebrity backgrounders occasionally show up.


The Clouds are a trio of cloud-like figures that hang around Valentine and possibly live with him. For the most part, they act as his minions and partners-in-crime, but their compliance might be dependent on Valentine's powers.


Escape From Skull Shores - Tiki on guard
The Tiki are a species of living wooden idols and the only indigenous inhabitants of Skull Shores.


Dead Fast cast

Dead Fast

DFcomic - Dead Fast runs
Dead Fast is Ghoulia Yelps's favorite comic book hero and the protagonist of his own comic book series. He is a zombie who gained the power of superspeed after being bitten by a radioactive hummingbird. He appeared as part of a Ghoulia-centered plotline for Comic-Con 2011.

Dr. Igorable

DFcomic - Igorable with bazooka
Dr. Igorable is a human former employer and current enemy of the comic book hero Dead Fast. Igorable hates naughty and icky stuff, which he considers zombies to be, and wishes to rid the world of them. He doesn't like it when Dead Fast misuses his name by calling him "Dr. Deplorable".

Shadow Poacher

The Shadow Poacher is a dreamed up villain who tried to steal a precious comic, but Ghoulia Yelps was able to stop him.