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  • Monster High staff - The staff and associates of the titular high school, regardless whether they teach or fulfill another function, regardless when they were associated with Monster High, and regardless of the fiction they appear in.
  • Parents - The Parents of Monster High's students.
  • Other adults - All the individual, adult characters that appear in Monster High, but aren't related to the school.

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Monster High staff

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

Icon - Bloodgood
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is head of Monster High, and in charge of discipline. She takes after her name, and is able to remove her head from her body. A firm believer in monster equality, she strives to foster friendship and fairness between the different monster races, and encourages her students to always be themselves.

Biteology teacher

The biteology teacher is an unspecified kind of monster with anti-zombie tendencies.


Seen in the special webisode "Fright On!" and spoken of in Venus McFlytrap's 'Between Classes' diary, Ms. Crabgrass was the assistant of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood at Monster High. She appears bitter and old, and works for Administrator Van Hellscream to bring monsters less close to each other.

Mr. D'eath

The Guidance Counselor. D'eath was first spoken of in the Monster High Fearbook, but has also appeared in the Ghoulfriends book series. He is constantly depressed and downbeat about everything.

G. Reaper

Mr. G. Reaper
Mr. G. Reaper is presumably a skeleton and certainly a guidance counselor at Monster High.

Mr. Hackington

Mr. Hackington is Monster High's Mad Science teacher. A former assistant to many famous scientists, Mr Hack's passion for science is almost as strong as his love of torturing his students with tough quizzes and long lectures.

Coach Igor

A classic hunch-backed lab assistant who teaches gym class. Coach Igor has one peg leg. When he takes over Study Howl, he makes the students run laps. You can never rest with a coach like this!

Irene Maiden

One of the first teachers of Monster High, Irene Maiden got herself somehow stuck in a Greek statue without anyone knowing. She remained locked up for 2000 years, until Frankie Stein and Cleo de Nile accidentally freed her by breaking the statue in "Totally Busted". It is unknown if she resumed her job as a teacher.

Ms. Kindergrubber

Ms. Kindergrubber is Monster High's Home Ick teacher and based on the witch from "Hansel and Gretel". She loves cooking and is constantly encouraging her students to cook and eat more, claiming they're 'all skin and bones'.

Laboratory assistant

The laboratory assistant is a green-skinned cyclops with red hair and a balding top. He assists Mr. Hackington in "Hatch Me If You Can" by getting eggs for the students. He only appears elsewhere in "Flowers for Slow Moe".

Lagoona's teacher

A teacher of whom only the voice is known, he was heard in the webisode "Parent-Creature Conference". Lagoona Blue is his best student, so much so that he personally wished to tell her parents. Since Lagoona's favorite subject at school is oceanography and no other teacher is confirmed to handle those lessons, it is possible he is the oceanography teacher.

Lou Zarr

Lou Zarr, a human, serves as a substitute teacher when one of the regular staff are unavailable, as seen in the webisode "Substitute Creature" and in the television special "New Ghoul @ School". He is a stiff, humorless, uncompromising hardnose about education. His lessons are shown to be so boring they tend to put students, and even himself, to sleep.

Short lunch lady

The short lunch lady is seen in "HooDoo You Like?", "Fear Pressure", "Frost Friends", "Fright On!", "Unearthed Day", and "Hoodoo That Voodoo That You Do". She prepares the school lunches for the students of Monster High.

Tall lunch lady

The tall lunch lady is seen in "Just One of the Ghouls" and "Creepateria". She works aside the short lunch lady.

Mr. Mummy

Mummy is a Clawculus teacher at Monster High and, as his name suggests, a mummy. He also runs a club where students can explore the Catacombs for ancient relics.

Music teacher

Thus far unnamed, a skeleton or otherwise ghoulesque creature with a German accent giving music lessons was featured in the webisode "Gloomsday".

Phantom of the Opera

As said in Holt's 'Basic' diary, Operetta's 'Campus Stroll' diary, and the game Ghoul Spirit, the Phantom of the Opera teaches a keyboard class.

Mr. Ogrethor

Mr. Ogrethor is the custodian at Monster High. He has very sensitive ears and gets irritable when ever someone plays loud music.

Mr. Rotter

Mr. Rotter is the teacher of Dead Languages, and also teaches other classes around the school. The strictest, most humorless teacher in Monster High, he has little patience for foolishness in his classes, and makes it a point to never give his students 'A' grades.

School photographer

The school photographer is an elderly man of unknown monster type. He is kind-hearted and goes dressed in clothes long overdue for repair. Besides being responsible for taking pictures, he also makes short educational movies for Monster High.


Mentioned first in Holt's 'Basic' diary, Ms. Siren gives Voice Training.

Sue Nami

Sue Nami is a water elemental, and the assistant of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. Described as somewhat ugly with a wrestler's physique, she's in charge of keeping things shipshape at Monster High, and takes her job very seriously. She's quite humourless and goes about her tasks with maximum efficiency, often barging past students and soaking them in water. She refers to every student she meets as 'non-adult entity'.

Sylphia Flapper

Sylphia Flapper is a dragon woman who becomes the new teacher of Dragon Whispering at Monster High. Extremely beautiful and fashionable, she soon becomes the center of attention of nearly everyone at the school. However, it soon transpires that she is using her abilities to brainwash the student body into becoming her followers as part of a sinister plan to take over the town...

Mr. Verizhe

Verizhe is an invisible man seen in the Monster High Fearbook. His name is a homophonic play on "Where is he?".

Mr. Where

Where is an invisible man who constantly wears bandages, glasses and a trenchcoat. He can turn invisible at will, and teaches Drama.


Amuncommon Ptolemy

Amuncommon Ptolemy is the head of the powerful Ptolemy family, and the mother of Seth Ptolemy. She appears in the TV special Boo York, Boo York.

Dedyet de Nile

Dedyet de Nile is the mother of Cleo and Nefera de Nile, who was trapped in a tomb for several years before reuniting with her family. She appears in the book Cleo de Nile and the Creeperific Mummy Makeover.


Icon - Dracula
Dracula is Draculaura's father, and an important figure in the Monster community. He helps Draculaura found Monster High in the movie Welcome to Monster High, where he makes his official on-screen debut into the franchise.

Harriet Wolf

Icon - Harriet
Harriet Wolf is the mother of Clawdeen Wolf, Howleen Wolf, Clawd Wolf and Clawdia Wolf. She appears in Welcome to Monster High.

Hexiciah Steam

Hexiciah Steam is the creator and father of Robecca Steam. A famous mad scientist and teacher at Monster High, he abruptly disappeared 100 years ago on an expedition into Monster High's catacombs. But there are rumours that he is still alive...

Ramses de Nile

Ramses de Nile is the father of Cleo and Nefera. He made his debut in the special "Ghouls Rule".


Ramoanah is Draculaura's stepmother. She met Dracula at a ball in Antartica, and the two decided to get married shortly after. She appears in the book Draculaura and the New Stepmomster.

Viktor Stein

Viktor Stein is the creature created by Victor Frankenstein, and the father of Frankie Stein. He appears in the Monster High book series.

Viveka Stein

Viveka Stein is the bride of Viktor Stein, and the mother of Frankie Stein. She appears in the Monster High book series.

Wade Blue

Wade Blue is the father of Lagoona Blue. He appears in the TV special Great Scarrier Reef.

Other adults

Bartleby Farnum

Bartleby Farnum is a shady travelling merchant and showman, who see monsters as little more than freaks to be exploited for profit. He takes the Ghouls to Skull Shores as part of a plot to capture the legendary Beast of Skull Shores.. He appears in Escape From Skull Shores.

Van Hellscream

Van Hellscream is the main villain of the Monster High Halloween special, "Fright On!", He is a legendary monster hunter, who devises a devious plan to destroy Monster High for good.

Moanatella Ghostier

Moanatella Ghostier is a famous fashion designer based in Scaris, who invites several promising designers, including Clawdeen Wolf, to her studio for a chance to become her apprentice. But she has a far more sinister motivation for gathering them together... She appears as the villain in Scaris: City of Frights.

Principal Revenant

Revenant is the Principal of Haunted High, a school for ghosts in the Ghost World. She is constantly trapping her students within the school with detention chains, and seems to have a dark plan in store for them... She is the villain of "Haunted".

Scary Murphy

Scary Murphy is a fearleading legend and head judge of both the Gloom Beach competition and Monster Mashionals. She instantly took a liking to the potential of the Monster High Fear Squad and its leader, Cleo de Nile, who is a dedicated fan of hers.

The Sheriff

The Sheriff of New Salem is the main antagonist of "Ghouls Rule". He leads a manhunt to track down any monsters which could have sneaked into his town, and has a gruesome punishment lined up for them. Unfortunately he's not the most reliable lawman, more interested in sleeping and eating donuts than doing actual police work, though accusations of inadequacy seriously tick him off.

Skullastic Superintendents

The Skullastic Superintendents are a trio of stoic calacas. They are supposedly in charge of the worldwide monster school network and can decide on the course a school takes or whether it may continue to exist.

Lord Stoker

Lord Stoker is the Prime Minister of the Vampire Court in Transylvania, who has been charged with finding the missing Vampire Queen. When he is threatened with being removed from his position, he concocts a plot to find a replacement Queen he can control to his own ends... He is the main antagonist of Frights, Camera, Action!.

Superintendant Petra Fied

Petra Fied is a mummy, and the Skullastic Superintendant in charge of the local district. She appears in the third Ghoulfriends Forever book, where she keeps an eye on things when Headmistress Bloodgood is kidnapped.

Scariff Fred Onarrival

Fred Onarrival is a zombie, and the Scariff -Sheriff- of Salem. He appears in the third Ghoulfriends Forever book, where he tries to keep order after the town is panicked from threats by normies. He uses a bullhorn which can translate zombie speak into English to order his deputies around.

CeeCee Thrue

CeeCee Thrue is a ghost, and the best photographer in Salem. She appears in the third Ghoulfriends Forever book to takes the students photographs for Picture Day. She acts very much like a rock star diva, wearing leather, demanding others get her coffee, and rudely telling her subjects how to pose for her pictures.


Ygor is Stoker's loyal, but very moronic hunchbacked manservant. Although he is devoted to his master and will do anything Stoker asks, his complete lack of smarts means he often fails in his tasks. He appears in Frights, Camera, Action!.