Fright On! - west cemetery

The cemetery is a location nearby Monster High. It is unknown whether it is a monster cemetery or belongs to the humans of New Salem. Either way, it is one of the favored hangouts of the Monster High student body, both as a location of parties and as a place to get some privacy.


The cemetery first came to the Monster High student body's attention when they needed a neutral location to hold a party in honor of the merging of Monster High, Belfry Prep, and Crescent Moon High in "Fright On!". The students had a dance floor installed, possibly for the occasion, and though the party didn't start well, it certainly ended splendidly.

The cemetery was again used as the site of a party in "Fashion Emergency". The dance floor was either still there or reinstalled.

In "No Ghouls Allowed", Jackson, Clawd, Deuce, and Gil held their Guys' Night Out at the cemetery. They were so caught up in their role-play board game that they didn't notice their girl- and female friends sneaking through the tombstones to their location and staying to watch.

Full Moon Sports Day was hosted at the cemetery in "Fierce Crush".



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