Brett Redding is a human attending Merston High. He is into film making and horror movies, and he is the boyfriend of Bekka Madden.



Brett is a laid-back kind of guy with an eye for female beauty, despite that he has a girlfriend. He is obsessed with monsters, wishing to meet and befriend them.


Brett has dyed black hair cut in frayed, uneven edges. He has denim-blue eyes and his skin is pale, which is accentuated by his hair and black nail polish. When first Melody meets him, he wears a green Frankenstein T-shirt and tapered black pants.







Brett has been dating Bekka Madden, whom he calls Bek, since seventh grade. He's rather casual about the relationship, not one to pas on checking out other pretty girls, which Bekka does not appreciate.


Book 1: Monster High

Brett is in the caf with his girlfriend, Bekka Madden. Later he is in class, where he jokes about being hit because a blackbored marker hit his head and the teacher tells him off. Later they're at Melody's house talking. Then they're shooting a movie because Brett is into film making. Back at school the September semi-theme is announced: it's a monster mash and Brett yelled "I'm Frankenstein!". At the dance, Brett makes out with Frankie thinking its Bekka and then Brett rips off Frankie's head and goes into shock at the end he's taken to hospital.

Book 2: The Ghoul Next Door

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