Jane Boolittle ventures out of the Catacombs to brave the haunted halls of Monster High—with a little help from her Secret Creepers friends.


Jane is getting more and more comfortable around the students of Monster High, though she continues to stay in hiding. The pets believe she is ready to mutually hang out with them, but Jane is reluctant because she remembers how badly her first attempt went. The pets promise they'll be there for her if she needs them, and so Jane agrees to give it another shot.

Jane approaches Frankie, Draculaura, Cleo, Abbey, and Ghoulia at their lockers. Because Jane hesitates to strike up a conversation, the pets signal a reminder that Draculaura has the latest issue of Monster Beat. Encouraged, Jane asks Draculaura if she can borrow it, which Draculaura is okay with until she realizes it's odd for Jane to know about the magazine. Discouraged, Jane takes another signal from the pets to ask Cleo about her recent date with Deuce. The girls become highly suspicious of Jane's personal knowledge of them and she is about to flee once more when the group is chided by Mr. Hackington for crowding up the hallway. He announces a surprise test for later that day as punishment.

The group is surprised by Hackington's unusual level of spitefulness, but Jane notes that he is probably agitated because of his toothache. The group takes another look at Hackington and notices the signs of a toothache too now that they are aware of them. Jane explains that observing is a habitat of hers as she takes some herbs from her bag and asks Abbey to freeze them. She follows after Hackington and hands him the medicine. It immediately makes him feel better and he promptly cancels the test. This earns Jane the admiration and gratitude of the other girls. They invite her to have lunch with them, which Jane is only happy to accept, much to the delight of the pets.


  1. Draculaura
  2. Cleo de Nile
  3. Frankie Stein
  4. Ghoulia Yelps
  5. Abbey Bominable
  6. Clawdeen Wolf
  7. Jane Boolittle
  8. Mr. Rotter
  9. Watzit
  10. Hissette
  11. Count Fabulous
  12. Shiver
  13. Sir Hoots A Lot
  14. Dustin
  15. Crescent
  16. Neptuna
  17. Perseus
  18. Quill Talyntino
  19. Mr. Hackington



  • Jane met the pets and began preparing to mingle with her fellow students under their guidance in "Boo Ghoul at School".


  • Dustin makes his cartoon debut.
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