Boo York Boo York soundtrack cover
"Boo York, Boo York" is the soundtrack album to TV Special Musical Boo York, Boo York and the first and final album to be released by the Monster High franchise.

It includes eight original songs that feature on the TV Special and the two theme songs to Monster High. It was released September 25, 2015.


No. TitleMusiccredits Length
1. "Love is Like a Storm Tonight"  
Boo York Boo York - Love Is Like a Storm Tonight (feat. Catty Noir)
feat. Catty Noir 3:16
2. "Search Inside"  
Boo York Boo York - Search Inside (feat. Catty Noir)
feat. Catty Noir 3:36
3. "Fright Lights, Big City"  
Boo York Boo York - Fright Lights, Big City
4. "Empire"  
Boo York Boo York - Empire (feat. Nefera DeNile & Ramses DeNile)
Boo York Boo York - Empire
feat. Nefera de Nile & Ramses de Nile 2:52
5. "It Can't Be Over"  
Boo York Boo York - It Can't Be Over (feat. Cleo DeNile & Deuce Gorgon)
feat. Cleo de Nile & Deuce Gorgon 3:22
6. "Boo York, Boo York"  
Boo York Boo York - Boo York, Boo York (feat. Pharaoh & Catty Noir)
feat. Pharaoh & Catty Noir 2:43
7. "Steal the Show"  
Boo York Boo York - Steal the Show (feat. Toralei, Luna & Catty Noir)
feat. Toralei Stripe, Luna Mothews & Catty Noir 3:42
8. "Shooting Stars"  
Boo York Boo York - Shooting Stars (feat. Astranova, Pharaoh & Catty Noir)
feat. Astranova, Pharaoh, & Catty Noir 3:23
9. "We Are Monster High"  
Boo York Boo York - We Are Monster High
10. "Monster High Fright Song"  
Boo York Boo York - Monster High Fright Song
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