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Narration in the 'Between Classes' commercial.

The 'Between Classes' doll line is the fourth subline of the franchise-spanning 'Signature' line of dolls that features the characters in day-to-day, fit-for-school outfits. It was released in pairs from Early 2012 to Mid-2012. The characters found in the 'Between Classes' line are Rochelle Goyle and Jackson Jekyll, who were released in late March, and Robecca Steam and Venus McFlytrap, who were released in early July.


Officially, the 'Signature' line and its early sublines are without names. The fourth subline received the name 'Between Classes' from fans, specifically those of the Monster High Wiki, as a way to distinguish its dolls from the earlier 'Signature' releases. The name was picked up for the fourth subline as as a play on its transitionary status. It is the last of the 'Signature' lines to use the original template and it is the smallest of the entire 'Signature' series. As with 'School's Out' and 'Campus Stroll', the fandom prefers to reserve 'Between Classes' only for characters with a previous 'Signature' release, while referring to the rest as 'Basic'. Which means that, since there are no repeat characters in 'Between Classes', the name is hardly used. Since this practice is inconsistent and therefore difficult to document, the Monster High Wiki defines 'Basic' solely as name of the first set of eight 'Signature' dolls, and thus all four dolls of the second set are 'Between Classes'.

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Signature Series

'Basic' - 'School's Out' - 'Campus Stroll' - 'Between Classes'
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Lone Signature dolls

'Between Classes' is the last of the officially nameless 'Signature' lines, being succeeded by a thematical split resulting in a named 'Signature' series, a TV special-tied series and semi-annual individual 'Signature' releases. The limited amount of dolls released in 'Between Classes' was a one-timer for the 'Signature' series, but set the tone for the TV special-tied series.

'Campus Stroll' doll Accessory Other doll(s)
Jackson Jekyll Glasses Picnic Casket for 2 Jackson Jekyll
Jackson Jekyll Pet 'Basic' Holt Hyde


Each 'Between Classes' doll comes with a diary, the character's profile and an in-package quote.


All 'Between Classes' dolls represent the characters in their standard outfits, worn or assumed to be worn in most of their fictional appearances.

The 'Between Classes' line received one commercial, centered around Rochelle, Venus and Robecca.


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Robecca Steam Jackson Jekyll Venus McFlytrap Rochelle Goyle