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The banner of Belfry Prep.

Belfry Prep is an all-vampire high school. In "Fear-A-Mid Power", its debate team went up against Monster High and presumably won.


In "Fright On!", Belfry Prep agreed to a merge with the all-werewolf high school Crescent Moon High and the omni-monster high school Monster High to continue as one under the Monster High banner. This merge was approved by the Skullastic Superintendents, who would monitor the proceedings of the merge closely. Due to Monster High's efforts, the vampire student body and werewolf student body learned to get along, causing the Skullastic Superintendents to make the merge permanent.


Thirteen students were transferred from Belfry Prep to Monster High. The named ones are:


The uniform consists of a red shirt or jacket, and black pants for the boys and a medium length black skirt for the girls. Some of the male students wear a black vest over their red shirts and some wear black shirts underneath their red shirts or jackets. The male students and some of the female students wear a black and red neck or bow tie. Most of the students wear a gold pin on the left side of their red shirts or jackets.



  • It's not particularly clear if "Fright On!" means that the entirety of Belfry Prep was merged with Monster High, or if that a few students were sent there as a test, and that Belfry Prep could open its doors for non-vampires too if the project turned out a success.