Bay Tidechaser is a Fright-Mare who inhabits the Dream Pastures, a secret place within the walls of the Monster High Catacombs, a place where the monster's dream collide. She was born when a sea monster once dreamed and this dream collided with a Nightmare from the Dream Pastures, creating the unique being, Bay.



Radical and laid-back, Bay is a total surfer monster who loves the beach, the sea and lives with a casual lifestyle. Despite this, she is graceful and fun.


Bay has pastel blue skin with beautiful green eyes with blue eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as a line of blue dots vertical in her nose bridge. With long light green and dark green flowing hair, and a large green fin across her head. Her body is half horse, centaur like, while her horse body is bright blue with coral tattoos in her flank, next to her sea monster-like tail. Additionally, she has fin-like pink and blue wings.

Dream Bending Tactic 

Bay, like the others of her kind, is only able to channel dreams to the monsters of the type she is crossed with, that being water monsters.



She is good friends with her fellow Fright-Mares who live in the Dream Pastures, Aery EvenfallFrets Quartzmane and Pyxis Prepstockings.


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