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As the number of characters is limited, models are created whose sole purpose is to fill up the classrooms, halls, and environment of Monster High so as to make the place more lively and realistic. These models are backgrounders, as their role is primarily to stand and walk around in the background while the characters do the story in the foreground.

A few backgrounders have over time been pulled from the background and given a name or even made a fullfledged character. Even fewer others have been incorporated in the Create-A-Monster packs, namely the three-eyed girl and the pink animal girl.

Since the number of backgrounders has become so large, the page has been split into five portions. And these do not yet detail all the backgrounders. For backgrounders who are students from schools other than Monster High or who identify more strongly with their former school, see other backgrounders. For backgrounders with a celebrity status, see celebrity backgrounders.