Back and Deader Than Ever is the fourth and final book in the Monster High series. It was released on May 1, 2012. Unlike the other books, it does not have a new thirteenth chapter focusing on Ghoulia, and instead, shares its thirteenth chapter with the previous book Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way. Its focus-character is Draculaura.


The RADs are free, and Lala is flashing her fangs with pride. But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit, everything goes batty. Mr. D thinks the RADs should have their own school, but Lala isn't ready to give up the rights she and her friends have fought so hard for. When she hears about a glamorous contest that awards the winning school mad moola and a starring role in a national ad campaign, Lala decides to bite. It's father against daughter in a battle for Salem's student body. Lala is determined to save Merston High...but she might die - twice - trying.

Frankie is sparking at the chance to represent Merston High in the national ad campaign. All she has to do is win a school vote, impress the judges, and beat out Cleo de Nile. Um, easier said than won. Cleo is clinging to her queen bee crown like cat hair on velvet. Will Frankie abandon her nice-girl ways and bury Cleo (and her ego) once and for all? All's fair in love and showbiz: What Frankie does next will decide who becomes Merston High's new It Girl - and what could be more voltage than that?

Melody takes a walk on the wild side when she helps Candace sneak into a concert and ends up bonding with the band. Asked to sing lead, Melody captures the attention of the cool college crowd - and hot band roadie Granite Sander. But while she's rocking out, Jackson is freaking out, especially when the band's schedule threatens their summer plans as a couple. As the final bell rings, Melody is forced to make a life-changing choice. Will her decision shatter her dreams - or break her heart?


Prologue: Let's Get Visible

Chapter 1: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Chapter 2: Vamp of Approval

Chapter 3: Substitute Creature

Chapter 4: Look What the Bat Dragged In

Chapter 5: Spree at Last!

Chapter 6: Rock Blocked

Chapter 7: T'eau-Dally Dissed

Chapter 8: On Your Marks...Get Set...T'eau!

Chapter 9: From Campus to Camp

Chapter 10: Access D-Nied

Chapter 11: camPAIN in the Butt

Chapter 12: Friday Night Frights

Lost Chapter (Whose Unlucky Number Shall Go Unmentioned)

Main article: Chapter 13: Occupy Mall Street

Chapter 14: Birds of a Feather

Chapter 15: Green Pleas

Chapter 16: Roadie Trip

Chapter 17: RIP, Count Slackula

Chapter 18: Fan Male

Chapter 19: The Bus Stops Here

Chapter 20: Shock and Ka!

Chapter 21: Stressed to Kill

Chapter 22: Shoe D'état

Chapter 23: A Sight for Four Eyes

Chapter 24: T'eau-Dally Stoned

Chapter 25: Frankie Doodle Dandy

Chapter 26: Over the Rainbow

Epilogue: RAD to the Bone


  1. Draculaura
  2. Frankie Stein
  3. Melody Carver
  4. Dracula
  5. Howleen Wolf
  6. Jackson Jekyll


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