Azura is a scarab beetle belonging to Nefera de Nile.

Physical Description

Azura is a light blue and gold scarab beetle with jewels around his neck, and has dark blue eyes.

Bio Description:

"...Scarabeus sacer, to be exact, he brings me the sun."


  • Scarabaeus sacer is a species of dung beetle. When Nefera says that Azura will "bring her the sun", she refers to the way that the Ancient Egyptians compared the way that dung beetles rolled dung to the way that the Egyptian god Khepri rolled the sun across the sky.
  • Azura comes from the word "azure", which is a shade of blue that is somewhat similar to his color, and also that of his "pet" Nefera's hair.
  • In Nefera's 'Campus Stroll' diary, Azura is referred to as a 'she' once, conflicting with Nefera's profile which states that Azura is male. The assumption is that the profile is correct, if only because Ancient Egyptians's beliefs were that dung beetles were exclusively male.
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