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Aye is a cuttlefish who belongs to Vandala Doubloons, whom he is very protective of.


In English, Aye is voiced by Audu Paden.



Aye is a salmon coloured ghost cuttlefish, with big blue eyes with long eyelashes. He has a tail like head, that fades to blue, and symmetric swirly designs at each side of his head. He has at ten tentacles and is constantly surrounded by a glowing blue aura.


Aye makes his animated debut, along with his owner Vandala Doubloons in the TV Special, Haunted.


Aye wakes up very cranky, so cranky in fact that he replies "Nay" instead of "Aye". Vandala decides that to cheer Aye up, she would take him around for a leisurely sail. Aye is back to his old self, despite his trip being cut short by Vandala getting sea-sick. Vandala's Basic diary, May 14 Aye joined up with Vandala when she went to retrieve her spooky treasure, apparently being so excited Vandala had to shush him. Later on, Aye had joined Vandala in singing a maritime.Vandala's Basic diary, May 16 Aye joins Vandala and the rest of her pirate crew so they can all finish some requirements for Vandala's Ghost Pirate Class. Vandala's Basic diary, May 18

TV specials

Aye first appears when Vandala "attacks" River Styxx's skiff. He later hides along with the rest of Vandala's pirate crew when they realize that River has brought "solids" or non-ghosts with vampire Draculaura, werewolf Clawdeen, Boogeyman Twyla, and gargoyle Rochelle. Aye later appears at Haunted High, where he gets noticed by Draculaura. Draculaura confuses Aye for a squid, but Vandala later says he's a cuttlefish named Aye. Twyla then comments on Aye's name, as Aye happily chants Aye. Aye is later shown flying with Vandala and the others, as they go to free the Monster High students from their chains. Vandala had apparently planned an expedition to the Scare-Hara Desert to search for Davey Bones treasure, but when told to focus on the current adventure, she apologizes to Aye, who had apparently suggested the idea. Aye is later placed in charge of the Salty Spector while Vandala heads to Monster High, Aye happily agrees. Aye later appears at the end of the movie, celebrating with his owner. Haunted


  • His name comes from the stereotypical pirate phrase "aye". He also wears an eyepatch.
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