Art Class is a line of four dolls, each of them styled to participate in art lessons of their preference. The dolls were released in 2013 and feature the following classes for the following characters: painting for Draculaura, metal shop for Robecca Steam, pottery for Skelita Calaveras, and ice sculpting for Abbey Bominable.


The name Art Class is printed on the boxes.

Assortment relations

As a class-themed assortment, Art Class follows in the footsteps of Classroom and Dance Class. In fact, the Art Class Studio, a playset related to the Art Class series, forms an assortment with the Home Ick Classroom, a playset related to the Classroom series.

Doll logs

All four of the individual dolls come with a booklet on why they chose to pursue their specific artform and how their latest project came to be.


All four Art Class fashions were featured in "Eye of the Boo-holder". Skelita additionally wore hers in "Zombie Shake".


Doll stockphotography - Art Class Abbey Doll stockphotography - Art Class Draculaura Doll stockphotography - Art Class Robecca Doll stockphotography - Art Class Skelita
Abbey Bominable Draculaura Robecca Steam Skelita Calaveras
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