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Ari Hauntington debuted in the cartoon series in the Generation 2 introduction special "Welcome to Monster High"; and will subsequently debut in the Generation 2 cartoon series' first arc, "Meet the Ghouls". She is portrayed by Jonquil Goode in the English version.

Generation 2

Meet The Ghouls

Cleo - Meet The Ghouls Ari - Meet The Ghouls

Adventures of the Ghoul Squad

Ari recruits Deuce and Raythe to help her with her music video. Unfortunately for the singer, in-between promise and action the duo gets distracted by the topic of volcanoes and insists that the music video features one. Ari has her reservations, especially when she sees the project Deuce and Raythe have made out of it, but they refuse to budge. Ari's hunch proves the better when the two, in their enthusiasm, load up the fake volcano with too much fake lava and cover the whole entrance hall in goo. A better compromise is found when the Ghoul Squad invites the entire school for a celebration on Gil's island, which houses an active but tamed volcano that works well as safe background decor for Ari's music video. A Tale of Two Mountains

TV specials

Ari is first seen in her human form Tash on many posters and pictures around Draculaura's room, then on a billboard while Draculaura is having flying lessons, and as a cardboard cutout during Frankie and Draculaura's run for co-presidents. She's also first seen in person as Tash, when the ghouls try to convince her to perform at the school, and screams for security when she sees they're monsters (to protect her ruse). She is subsequently kidnapped, and the ghouls have to find her. Welcome to Monster High


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