The Stich-uation - Archer reads note

Archer is a white centaur who attends Monster High.



It isn't clear if Archer is aloof or unobservant, and there is a possibility that he may not be able to understand and speak English all that well. His one speaking role had him produce a horse's sound, suggesting that to be his primary language.


Archer is a white-skinned centaur, with short wavy-like blond hair that covers part of his eyes, blue eyes, and yellow horse hair. He also a creme-colored tail. He wears a blue A-shirt, a silver bracelet around his right arm, and a brown crossbody bag.



Due to his handsome appearance, Archer is very popular with the female students. He, however, only has eyes for Nightmare.



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  • Super Speed: Like all centaurs he can run very fast as he has four legs rather than two.


  • The name Archer refers to the theory that the mythological centaurs were based on the first encounters with horseback riding by people who hadn't yet tamed horses. Archery is a skill historically related to horseback riding, of which a good modern-day example is astrological sign Sagittarius
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