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Monster High - LemonAID Warriors

Lulu Cerone: "Hi, I'm Lulu Cerone. I'm an eighth grader who started a non-profit organization called LemonAID Warriors when I was ten. But I may be better known around the halls of Monster High as the newest ghoul who gives back: BOO-Lu Cerone. I'm so excited to be joining Monster High and kicking off a new program called Ghouls Helping Ghouls for millions of fans like you. Together we'll spread the message that when ghouls come together and turn their passions into something posititve for others, they're also helping to create tween-esteem and kindness within themselves. Just like the Monster High characters, we're all different and have unique passions and skills that make us freaky fabulous. So, why not use these unique interests and talents to make a positive change in out own special ways? Through LemonAID Warriors, I help kids see that the things that they are already doing can be turned into opportunities to give. We all love parties like sleepovers or barbecues; all it takes is a little lemonAID twist. So I came up with philanthroparties: parties with a purpose. For example, I love playing in my punk-rock band. We throw concerts for free and ask for donations towards our favorite causes. That's how easy it is to use your talents towards a good cause. Now, it's your turn. Join the Ghouls Helping Ghouls campaign and host your own Monster High philanthroparty. Rally friends, inspire classmates, or bring your community together to do something thoughtful to help others. Well, to help you get started, I've asked Monster High ghouls to give back, WeStopHate and the Kind Campaign to share tips and tools, one ghoul to another. So whether you're a natural leader, an enthusiastic supporter, or simply lending a helping hand, turn your passion into action and you can create some monster change."


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