A bewitching new iCoffin game is taking over Monster High and Robecca's on a mission to see it meet its final end.


Robecca Steam and Draculaura are hanging out on the stairs outside when the latter asks her friend why she insists on using old technology, which is slow and noisy. To make a point, Draculaura shows off her iCoffin to compare to Robecca's typewriter, noting that an iCoffin also allows you to download video games. She downloads one, Angry Ghouls, on the spot to prove her point and becomes oddly entranced by it. Robecca leaves for class and later on meets up with Clawdeen and Frankie to discover Draculaura never attended her class.

They go look for her and find that she's still playing the video game Robecca left her with earlier. Clawdeen angrily takes her friend's iCoffin away, but one glimpse at Angry Ghouls has her entranced like Draculaura. From there, the spell quickly spread and before long everyone is playing Angry Ghouls, teachers and students alike. The only one who stays clean is Robecca, whose worry about the situation rapidly rises as classes become video game mass-sessions and everyone but she starts getting bad grades. This includes Ghoulia Yelps.

Aware the situation is out of her league, Robecca approaches Ghoulia and removes the batteries from her iCoffin, thus breaking the spell. Ghoulia, in turn, creates a virus to inflict on all the iCoffins at school so that Angry Ghouls becomes unplayable. For a moment, it seems everything is back to normal, but then Deuce Gorgon announces the release of a new game that is even better than Angry Ghouls. In moments, the school is caught up in the new video game, leaving both Ghoulia and Robecca highly unamused.


  1. Robecca Steam
  2. Draculaura
  3. Iris Clops
  4. Spectra Vondergeist
  5. Clawdeen Wolf
  6. Frankie Stein
  7. Clawd Wolf
  8. Cleo de Nile
  9. Lagoona Blue
  10. Mr. Rotter
  11. Don of the Dead
  12. Mr. Where
  13. Ghoulia Yelps
  14. Mr. Hackington
  15. Meowlody
  16. Venus McFlytrap
  17. Scarah Screams
  18. Sloman Mortavitch
  19. Manny Taur
  20. Holt Hyde
  21. Heath Burns
  22. Gilda Goldstag
  23. Buzz Wingman
  24. Deuce Gorgon



  • "Angry Ghouls" is a parody of Angry Birds, a 2009 video game hit.



  • The watch on Robecca's right arm keeps appearing and disappearing throughout the webisode.
  • It is heavily implied that Robecca actually does have an iCoffin in the 2013 TV special "Ghouls Rule".
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