Angela Duscio is the lead dancer in the Monster High Fright Song music video. She plays an analogue of Frankie Stein, a girl who finds herself at a high school populated by monsters.

Her older sister, Catina Duscio also appears in the music video as the ghost girl.


Angela has been dancing for 9 years in a competitive environment, where she has been very successful performing and achieving overall soloist awards in ballet, jazz, and lyrical at competitions across Canada and the United States.

Angela has participated in many workshops under Mia Michaels, Brian Freidman, Chris Judd, Ray Leeper, Gil Strom, Mike Minery, Annie Wood, Mandy Moore, Faye Rauw, and Frank Augustyn, to mention a few, and has been awarded many scholarships. Angela has been awarded VIP at Jump and VIP at Nuvo and many more and has recently been awarded the Protégé title at Pulse in Toronto. She has also been invited to perform her hip hop group QC Divas at the Pulse Showcase in New York City.

Angela is currently training for her advanced ballet exam, and was awarded overall senior pointe soloist at Sur Le Pointe. Angela is currently training under Gwen Fleisch, Annie Wood, Jeff Dimitriou, and Tatiana Parker. She has recently choreographed her first hip hop duet that has been successfully received and has been assisting ballet, tap and jazz, tiny tot, and classes for the past 3 years. Angela has been training in voice at the Beckett School of Music under Sue Doran for the past 4 years, and has performed in many recitals. She will also be training at Big Voice Studios in Toronto under Gillian Stecyk.

Personal and Professional Life

Angela maintains a good academic average at school, and has goals and dreams of becoming a professional dancer/performer.

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