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Abbey Bominable was trademarked on November 02, 2010 and her first doll came out in Mid July, 2011. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 19 and makes up 5.88% of the entire Monster High doll collection. As a main character, there is a decent variety of other merchandise of her available.


School's Out

Doll stockphotography - School's Out Abbey.jpg Profile art - Abbey Bominable.jpg

4dd3cfb6-3311-4fdd-95b0-51102a19a44c 1.b1bc0d0875a04dfcadb4e467f9bddc65.jpeg

Abbey wears a dress with pink, purple, black and light blue patterns, meant to look like ice reflecting through light, tied around with a string that connects to a black purse at her side, and sparkly stockings that fade from bright pink to blue. The dress has white fur trimmings across the top, with a similar design along the arm, and leg warmers over platform high hiking boots. Her hair is pulled back by a furry headband, and she accessories with mismatched earrings shaped like a purple snowflake and a blue icicle, complete with her signature ice crystal necklace. The doll comes with a Shiver figurine, a real-life sized blue brush, a blue doll stand and a diary.
Abbey Bominable's stock photo only properly depicts the first months of the doll's release. Current shipments of the doll come with leg warmers that are too tight to fit over most of the shoes.

School Clubs

Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Abbey.jpg Profile art - SC Abbey Bominable.jpg


Abbey wears a white turtleneck sweater, a sleeveless blue fur vest, and black compression pants with purple striped padding on both sides and blue along the edges. Her shoes are blue and purple hiking boots with black soles. Her accessories include her ice crystal with a different necklace design, blue icicle spear earrings and blue ski goggles. The outfit comes with a pink, purple and blue snowboard and a club description.

Skull Shores

Doll stockphotography - Skull Shores Abbey.jpg Profile art - Skull Shores Abbey.jpg


Abbey wears a black, shoulderless one-piece swimsuit with pink, white and blue snowflakes. Around her waist rests a blue, snowflake-patterned transparent wrap with a built-in fur belt. Her shoes are purple sandals with icicles for heels. Her accessories comprise a transparent purple sunhat, a blue ice crystal in the form of a droplet, icicle earrings with blue beads in an ice-cube shape on the end, and a magenta bracelet with a skullette key charm. Her hair is straight and put into a tight ponytail. The doll comes with an ice cup filled with pink shaved ice, a map of Skull Shores, a real-life-sized blue brush, and a blue doll stand. Abbey first wore it in Unlife to Life, just without the shoes, waist wrap, and sunhat.

Maul Session

Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Abbey.jpg Profile art - MS Abbey.jpg


Abbey wears an ice blue jumper with a cracked ice design and a layered purple skirt with cracked ice and snowflake designs. She also comes with a fluffy black vest, purple ice skates with a blue heel and black laces, and a black belt with ice diamonds attached. Her sole accessory is a blue bag with a hexagonal ice design.

Dead Tired

Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Abbey.jpg Profile art - DT(II) Abbey.jpg


Abbey wears an ice blue sleeveless nightgown with a snowflake pattern, with black fringe along the shoulders, and a bow tied in the front with white pom-poms hanging on the ends. Her slippers are ice blue, which incorporates a yeti's face design on them. She has a white fur face mask. Some of her hair is tied back. The doll comes with a tub of "I scream" (ice cream) with a screaming face. This doll does not include a brush or stand.

I Heart Fashion

Doll stockphotography - I Heart Fashion Abbey.jpg Profile art - IHF Abbey.jpg


Abbey comes with a total of two dresses, one shirt, one pair of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, and a handful of accessories that include a bright blue iCoffin, a purple translucent purse, a necklace, and several bracelets and earrings. Her first dress is a bright pink turtleneck jumper with visible black stitching down the front. Her second dress is a sleeveless blue dress with a large white fur belt around the midsection and a second, black translucent mesh layer around the skirt section. Her shirt only has one long sleeve and is decorated with a purple pattern similar to her 'Basic' dress, and her pants have matching colors, except decorated with pink and purple snowflakes. For shoes, she has a gold recolor of Clawdeen's 'School Clubs' shoes, black and purple, closed-toe wedge heels with black leg warmers reused from Draculaura's 'School Clubs', and reused and recolored light blue boots from Ghoulia's 'School Clubs'. She wears her hair tied up at the top, with the rest left loose. She has dark purple lipstick.

Skultimate Roller Maze

Doll stockphotography - Skultimate Roller Maze Abbey and Ghoulia.jpg Doll stockphotography - Skultimate Roller Maze Abbey.jpg SAM 9513.png


Abbey was initially only available in a 2-pack with Ghoulia, an exclusive to Kmart. She wears a blue dress with a pink ice-cube design and a green-lined fishnet overshirt. She has accessories with a translucent blue igloo-like helmet, bubblegum pink ice necklace, pink knee pads, and fur-lined translucent pink roller skates with green and black wheels. Her hair is cut short with green streaks and a pink, purple, and blue underlayer. This doll was released again in a single-pack, but with transparent pink knee pads and without the tinsel in her hair.

Dot Dead Gorgeous

Doll stockphotography - Dot Dead Gorgeous 3-pack.jpg Profile art - DDG Abbey.PNG


Abbey wears a pink and blue faded over-the-shoulder dress with snowflake polka dots, a pink undershirt, and 3 skirt layers that consist of bright pink and 2 that match the overall design. She has a furry bracelet, matching snowflake earrings, a translucent blue necklace (most likely her ice crystal), and a translucent blue belt that rests just above the waist. Her shoes are translucent as well, with a furry type design and spiraled heels. She comes with a translucent blue bag that also bears an ice design. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and she wears heavy purple eye shadow and bright pink lipstick.

Ghouls Rule

Doll stockphotography - Ghouls Rule Abbey.jpg


Abbey wears a long-sleeved white shirt with fur bunched up around the wrists, and a translucent blue collar with blue pom-poms on each side, resting on her shoulders. She has a belt of the same design as the collar and a pink and white layered skirt that cuts off around the end to create a melting ice design. Her shoes are white wedge heels with blue fur around the ankles. Her hair is tied and knotted around the bangs and pulled to the side, and she wears a furry hat to the side of her head. She includes a mask that's also in an ice design.

Scaris: City of Frights

Doll stockphotography - Scaris City of Frights Abbey.jpg Scaris abbey by shaibrooklyn-d5yxrc1.png


Abbey wears a one-shoulder sheath dress with a pink and purple ice shard design, trimmed with white fur at the bottom. Her accessories include clear purple ice diamonds earrings with a matching choker, which is a recolor of her Basic ice crystal necklace, and a transparent blue icicle belt. Her shoes are pearl white wedge heels with clustered ice crystals at the front and stacked glaciers for heels. She has a translucent blue ice brick-patterned handbag with black ice crystal straps, three snowflake buckles on each side, and her skullette adorns the front. Her eye shadow is mauve, her lipstick is bubblegum pink, and her hair is styled in a side ponytail.

Picture Day

Doll stockphotography - Picture Day Abbey.jpg Tumblr ohnzl8ji061tc5d60o1 1280.png


For her fearbook picture, Abbey wears a powder blue tunic with tie-dyed purple and pink streaks, which are intended to represent the aurora borealis, and shimmery green icicles hanging down from the neckline. She is wearing a black fur and tinsel shrug and white leggings with black, pink, purple, and blue geometric shapes in various sizes. Her boots are translucent grey with thin ice crystals as "fur" trimming, with two skullette buckles and straps on the outer side of each boot. She has accessories with a single pink ice crystal cuff earring, a pink crystal knuckle ring that holds three of her fingers, a black ice crystal belt, and a translucent pink backpack with opaque straps and dangling black skullette keys. She has blue and pink eye shadow with mauve lipstick, and her hair is cut into bangs. She comes with a baby blue binder with a cracked ice pattern, a life-sized fearbook, a black brush, and a stand.

To Howl For

Doll stockphotography - To Howl For Abbey.jpg Profile art - THF Abbey.jpg
Abbey wears a shoulderless sheath dress with black netting on the neckline, sleeves, and bottom, trimmed with blue. The body of the dress is blue, with various ice crystals jutting inwards from the sides. All of her accessories are recolored and previously used: a translucent blue drawstring handbag from Spectra's 'School's Out' doll, translucent violet heels from Clawdeen's School Clubs fashion pack, and her 'School's Out' ice crystal necklace recolored pink.


Doll stockphotography - Classroom Abbey and Heath.jpg Profile art Home Ick - Heath and Abbey.png

10459 pd2223444 1.jpg

Abbey has a black mini dress with lilac, white, and light blue aurora and glittering ice patterns, with a black fur collar and sleeve cuffs, a black bow adorns the top of the dress. She also comes with a blue mini apron with the MH logo and jagged pink trim, tied by another black bow. Her shoes are semi-opaque purple heels, covered in holes, just like melting ice. She accessorizes with a pink spoon and blue spatula ice earrings, and a pink ice bead bracelet. Her hair is up in a high ponytail, predominantly pink streaked with her bangs sharply to the right side with purple streaks. Abbey comes with her cooking partner Heath, a half burning, half-frozen plate of food, a bone-handled spoon, a pair of bone-handled tongs, a measuring cup, a jar with eyeball lid, a plate of yaks cheese, a diary/cookbook detailing Heath and hers cooking adventures and a black hairbrush.

Music Festival

Doll stockphotography - Music Festival Abbey.jpg Profile art - Music Festival Abbey Bominable.jpg


Ready to rock it out to some yetish folk music, Abbey is in a soft pink, blue and purple top with flayed bottom and pouffy sleeves, possibly designed to look like an aurora. The right sleeve is especially dark purple. She has a skirt in purple, splattered with bright blue. She has a blue melting ice belt, a white V.I.M necklace, blue snowflake and purple icicle earrings, and translucent blue melting ice boots with pink spiked shackles around the ankle and leg. She also has a black hairband wrapped around her head, covered in pink and blue stars and auroras. Her hair is especially long, with bright pink bangs. Her lipstick is light pink, and her eye shadow is pink with blue eyeliner.

13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah Abbey.jpg Profile art - 13W Abbey.png


Abbey has a black dress covered in shimmering stars and golden cracked ice patterns. There is a jagged collar on the top of her dress, and her dress fans out at the bottom to allow room for a light blue skirt and light purple skirt. Abbey has two overskirts, a white glimmery skirt with snowflakes and cracked ice, and a black mesh skirt under the white one. She has golden accessories, a golden melting ice headdress with a snowflake slightly to the side, golden melting ice cuff bracelets, a gold necklace with a snowflake pendant, golden ice shard earrings, and a golden ice shard belt. Her shoes are gold wedges with white translucent jelly straps, created to look like ice shards. Her lantern is white with scorpion motifs, the same as all the other Haunt the Casbah lanterns. She has baby pink lipstick, gold and lilac eye shadow, and her hair is in severe curls with a blue and pink braid across the front of her bangs.

Art Class

Doll stockphotography - Art Class Abbey.jpg Profile art - Art Class Abbey.jpg

4b75ead4-a877-4132-82cc-dbc657446b40 1.fd8f3fc4ef63c5dc46eba29408240681.jpeg

Doll: The hair is long and wavy, it is worn down to her waist. It is white with soft touches of blue and purple, it also has some tinsel running through it. Her lipstick is strawberry pink, while her eye shadow consists of different shades of blue.
Clothes: Abbey wears a signature icy ensemble to compliment her ice sculpture project. Her dress is tight in fitting, and it is black with light blue and pink icicle print. It has short sleeves and blue faux fur trims at the neckline and at the bottom hem.
Accessories: She wears a pair of icy blue translucent skullette earrings, her belt is white and molded into icicles, and her shoes are blue ankle wedge heel boots. The soles of the boots is the same blue as the rest and molded into frozen ice. The boots have many zigzagging straps running across and tied at the tops into bows. The trims of the boots are white spiky ice. On her head she wears translucent hot pink safety goggles. In her right hand she holds a small blue chainsaw in the shape of jagged ice with molded snowflakes on it.
Extras: She comes with her ice sculpture, a black doll and brush, and a class notebook.
Notes: The accessories pictured in the stockphoto are different in color.

Coffin Bean

Doll stockphotography - Coffin Bean Abbey.jpg Profile art - Coffin Bean Abbey.PNG

81zummFRtoL. SY550 .jpg

Doll: The hair is worn tied back in a side-swept ponytail. Her hair is white with soft streaks of blue. Her lipstick is a gentle pink, while her eye shadow is dramatic and silver.
Clothes: Abbey wears a tight black figure-fitting dress with mesh sleeves that end just before the elbows. It has a light pink splatter print design going across with icy blue stripes and black snowflakes, it also has various sparkles and polka dots decorating it. On the bottom it has a soft icy blue rib trim.
Accessories: Her accessories are translucent purple ice, including her ice shard bracelet on her right arm and her icy belt. She wears translucent purple ice boots with a thick icy trim at the top. The heels are pointed wedges reflecting the rough texture of ice, and each boot has four straps going across at the top and bottom. In her hand she holds a black cup of a cold iced frappé.
Extras: She does not include any extra pieces.
Notes: The accessories pictured in the stockphoto are different in color.

Sweet Screams

Doll stockphotography - Sweet Screams Abbey.jpg Profile art - Sweet Screams Abbey.png


Doll: This Abbey has a very special complexion. Her eyes are printed larger than usual, and the iris is stylized, it is icy blue with purple dripping from the pupil. Her eyelashes also present a little swirl and her eyebrows have a purple colour, fading to brown. She has a little line of purple eye shadow in her lid and icy blue in her crease. She also has a drip of purple liquid flowing from her right eye. Her hair is long and has short side bangs. Its white with pink and blue highlights, like almost all Abbey dolls, but this time there is also a lot of black streaks, spread around her hair, mostly in the inside part. Her lipgloss is a purple-y pink.
Clothes: This Abbey, like all other Sweet Screams dolls, is inspired by a special sweet, Abbey's being the icecream. She has a short dress, where the top is made of white pleather with a waffle cone pattern in icy blue. The lines that make up the waffle cone are dripping, as if melted icecream. The bottom of her dress is puffy and purple/pink, featuring melting sugar sprinkles of various colours: dark blue, purple, icy blue and white. Over the dress she is wearing a short pink faux fur jacket, around her arms.
Accessories: This Abbey, being a deluxe doll, is very detailed and accesorized. From head to toe: she is wearing an big headpiece, which consists of an headband made of drippy pink translucent plastic and 4 icecream cones sticking from it, resembling the Statue of Liberty. The cones of the icecream are black and the icecream itself is pink. Her earrings are upside down icecream cones dripping icecream. They are different colours, the one in the right ear is pink and the one in the left ear is blue. She is wearing a neckpiece, which looks like a model of a like collar, but is meant to look like waffle cone designs, like her top. It is in icy greenish blue and it also features 3 melting skulettes in the right end. She wears dark blue opera gloves textured like waffle cones. She has two arm bracelets, one in each arm, one looks like the patter in her top and the other one features a swirl of pink drippage around the arm. She is wearing a belt made of drippy dark chocolate with molded melting skulettes, in pink, blue and dark blue. From the belt falls a plastic apron-like accesory, which looks like a dripping ice blue waffle. She also comes equiped with a bag that is a icecream cup, in translucent pink and with molded dripping. The icecream is pink, with painted on cream and a pink cherry on top. She is wearing white fishnet socks, that bear resemblance to icecream cones, and plataform shoes. The heel is an upside down icecream, where the cone is black, and the plataform is also an iceream ball. The shoe is open-toe and it has a starp made of dripping skulettes. In the heel there's also molded chocolate, dripping over Abbey's feet. The shoes are mismatching, in the right one the icecream heel is icy blue and the strap is pink and in the left one it the heel is pink and the strap is icy blue.
Extras: She comes with a black stand, a black brush, a storybook and her candified pet, Shiver.
Notes: In her stock photos she is wearing Sweet Screams Ghoulia Yelps earrings rather than hers.

Geek Shriek

Doll stockphotography - Geek Shriek Abbey.jpg Abbey.png

Monster-high-geek-shriek-abbey-bominable-10-5-doll-mattel-toys-29 30683.1461368070.jpg

Doll: Abbey has her usual hair that is up in a high side ponytail. She also has light pink lipstick, as well as blue and purple eye shadow.
Clothes: Abbey is wearing a short tube dress with a big neck line and half sleeves. The dress is seamed in pink in the neck and in black in the sleeves and bottom. The dress has a complicated pattern that mixes layers of pink and white triangles, black DNA strands, black snowflakes and atoms, as well as pink and black melting ice. She also has clear crystal purple shoes.
Accessories: Abbey has glasses that are a glossy purple and they are crystalized, with various smooth surfaces like ice, and on the end of each arch a there is a molded snowflake.
Extras: Abbey does not come with any extras.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Welcome to Monster High: Dance The Fright Away

Doll: Abbey has white hair with pink streaks and silver strands. It is styled into a high ponytail, that also has blue streaks, and reaches to just below her head. She has a side fringe with purple streaks. She has purple eyebrows, purple eyeshadow, purple blush and pink lipstick. She is the first Abbey doll to use the generation two body, she has molded on fur on her ankles and wrists. Her eyes are drawn to look bigger, are a darker shade of purple and have more shines.
Clothes: Her dress has a purple top with long sleeves, it is covered in white outlined diamond/icicle patterns. The skirt is blue and flared, it reaches to her knees. There is a purple mesh overskirt with diamond patterns that match the top.
Accessories: Her shoes are translucent purple mini boots with molded fur around the ankles. She has a white plastic fur shawl with a chain designed to look as if it is holding it together and a gem in the middle. She has two plastic bracelets designed to resemble fur trim. She has a translucent purple belt that resembles icicles.
Extras: She has a white mask with snowflake - like patterns on it.
Notes: This doll is a Walmart exclusive.


Doll: Abbey's hair has white, pink, blue, black and purple streaks. It is styled into a crimped high ponytail that reaches to below her waist. Her eyebrows are purple with a melting effect on them. Her eyeshadow is blue, there is also a purple line across both her eyes and purple dots below both her eyes. She has a blue tusk-like design on both her cheeks and purple blush. Her lipstick is a purplish pink. Her hands are molded differently from her other dolls.
Clothes: Abbey has a fur jacket with a collar and sleeves that come to her elbows, it is black with white/grey patches. The top of her dress has black straps, it is blue with white and black animal print and pink glitter. Starting from the hips the dress begins switching between this blue layer and a black and white fur layer similar to the jacket and done in a chevron style. She has black and white fur leg warmers.
Accessories: Her shoes are pink mini boots with icicle patterns at the top, silver, bone shaped buckles across the foot, a molded on fur pattern at the toe. The heel is a mammoth surrounded by translucent plastic that resembles ice. She has a white hair accessory that resembles a mammoth's head with a bone on top. she has a pink necklace that resembles gems.
Extras: She comes with a white stand, a diary and a Shiver figurine.
Notes: This doll is exclusive to Amazon and the Mattel store. Some promotional images for this doll show her with darker lipstick more similar to her basic doll.

Party Ghouls

Doll: Abbey has grey eyeshadow and blue lipstick. Her hair is white with a purple streak and a blue streak. It is styled loose and reaches below her hips.
Clothes: Abbey's dress is purple with purple and black flower patterns, white lines and blue butterflies. The bottom of her dress is in a "v" shape with black fabric around the edge. The dress reaches above her knees and has a turtleneck. She has a black shawl that wraps around the front and attaches at the back.
Accessories: Abbey wears a translucent harness which forms a choker, shoulder pads with icicles coming down the sides, a belt coming down her torso and a belt around her waist. The harness is translucent blue and has holes to attach the snap on accessories. Abbey's shoes are translucent blue boots with an ice pattern across the shoe and plastic fur trim, they also have to attach the accessories onto. Abbey has a small blue purse designed to look like Shiver, the purse also has a hole in it for the attachable accessories. The doll comes with a purple butterfly and pink and purple flowers that can be attached to the outfit. Abbey also wears a black headband with a black pom-pom like design and a translucent purple detail.
Extras: This doll comes with no extras.
Notes: This doll was available on its own and in a 3-pack.