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Abbey Bominable debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 2 webisode "Back-to-Ghoul", which premiered on August 25, 2011. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald in the English version of the cartoon. In Generation 2 she is voiced by Cristina Milizia.

Volume 2


The webisode opens with Abbey Bominable, the new student, walking down the hall, dropping snowflakes wherever she goes. Heath Burns attempts to flirt with her, but she "coldly" shrugs him off, freezing him solid in the process.

At their lockers, the ghouls discuss being back in school when another text from the Ghostly Gossip, showing a picture of a frozen Heath. When the first bell rings, Frankie questions where Lagoona is, which Cleo replies that she's probably with Gil, as the two haven't seen each other all summer.

Meanwhile, Toralei is assigned to an advanced math class by the guidance counselor, much to the joy of the Fear Squad. Clawdeen asks Toralei outside the counselor's office a very advanced maths question, which Toralei answers. The ghouls cannot help but laugh at her. As Toralei makes her exit, Lagoona walks out of the girl's bathroom, sobbing. She states that Gil's parents sent him to another school and runs off crying. Jackson comes out of the boys bathroom he nervously shrugs off Frankie's questions about Cleo's party, saying that he didn't go because he needed to "change" he then walks back into the boys bathroom leaving Frankie a bit confused, as she walks off, slightly disappointed, Spectra snaps a picture of her.

In first period, Toralei demands that Abbey move from her spot, which Abbey blatantly refuses calling Toralei "mean girl with sandpaper tongue" causing Toralei to hatch yet another scheme. She grabs some of the snow surrounding Abbey and throws it at Frankie, who assumes it was Abbey throwing it. She retaliates, getting both of them sent to the principal's office and starting a feud with Abbey.

As they walk to the principal's office Frankie says "I can't believe this! I've never been in trouble before! Aren't you worried?" to which Abbey replies "You threw snowball first. Principal will bring hammer down on you." Frankie tries to tell her that it was just a misunderstanding, but Abbey doesn't listen. She tells Frankie that she understands perfectly, and if she wants a war, she'll get a war. Back-to-Ghoul

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood tells Abbey and Frankie that as a punishment for their snowball fight they must wear magical bracelets all day that will stop them from being more than three feet away from each other, so that they can get to know and accept each other better.

After leaving Bloodgood's office, Frankie asks Abbey why she started the snowball fight, and Abbey replies that she didn't. Both girls think that the other is lying. Frankie continues to talk to Abbey and ask her questions but Abbey is not interested and tells Frankie that small talk is pointless, to which Frankie calls her rude. Abbey is confused and upset by this as she thought that she was helping Frankie to save oxygen, seeing as she is originally from a Himalayan mountain and therefore breathing is more difficult in the thin air.

Abbey becomes determined to make Frankie like her, but her attempts fail. First, Abbey tries to show Frankie a shortcut to class, but doesn't explain where she is going to Frankie, meaning that she is difficult to keep up and has her arm torn off by the magical bracelet. Later, Abbey freezes a drink that Frankie got from a school vending machine, thinking that she would enjoy it since that is how the drink was on the mountain. However, Frankie is not impressed and says that her drink is ruined.

Heath Burns then appears, calling Abbey "Baby" again before quickly correcting himself and introducing himself to her. He then kneels down and takes her hand, which he exclaims is cold, before stating "But I know how to warm your heart" and kissing Abbey's hand. His lips then freeze, fall off and shatters to the floor and he shuffles away, exclaiming "Glacial Facial". Abbey says that Heath is like a "hailstone that thinks it is iceberg", which confuses Frankie.

Manny Taur then comes charging through the corridor chasing after a small red devil-like student, saying that he hates the color red. The devil hides behind Frankie, and she holds out her arms to try and block Manny. As he gets closer, however, Abbey grabs hold of Manny and effortlessly tosses him over her shoulder, telling him that horseplay is not allowed in school, and that the rule also applies to bulls, before throwing him into the wall. Frankie thanks Abbey for saving her, and Abbey tells her "Do not mention it", before the two leave together. Abominable Impression

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TV specials

In "Fright On!", The group promises to help her as well as they can, including Abbey, who comes in to return Frankie's right arm after she threw it through the window by accident.

The next day, the Fear Squad welcomes the new students and all goes as disastrous as predicted. Cleo finds that the Belfry Prep student body doesn't respect her like the Monster High student body does, and the vampires and werewolves nearly get into a fight with each other. Frankie tries to argue they don't have to, pointing out that Clawdeen and Draculaura are best friends, which only makes the situation worse.

Frankie and Abbey decide to talk with Bloodgood about Van Hellscream's presence, but Bloodgood won't listen to them. Frankie, however, notices that Nightmare panics in her presence and realizes that the woman she spoke to is not Bloodgood. During the unveiling of a statue, Frankie and Lagoona notice Bloodgood drinking with her finger, and along with other evidence, Frankie realizes the woman is actually Crabgrass. As the students wonder where the real Bloodgood is then, the statue is unveiled... leaving no guess as to what has happened to Bloodgood. Frankie seeks out Deuce to ask if there's an antidote to being petrified, and Deuce answers he'll ask his mother.

Frankie realizes that the suspicious box she saw earlier in Bloodgood's office must contain the powder, and she enlists Abbey, Lagoona, and Spectra to help her get Van Hellscream and Bloodgood away from the office. With the unexpected help of Nightmare, they succeed in their mission.

Later she is capture with Howleen and Draculaura telling them to stop fighting as their acting the baby goats during meal time.

The captives have freed themselves meanwhile and are making their way outside when they are attacked by scargoyles. With combined strength, they manage to hold the creatures off just until Clawd, Clawdeen, and Operetta find them.

Right before the fight can commence in the gym, Howleen and Draculaura burst in to tell both sides to stop. The werewolves and vampires are surprised to see their kin well and free, so Bloodgood and Frankie explain Van Hellscream's plan and why Monster High is such a threat to him. Realizing they've been manipulated for awful goals, the vampires and werewolves agree to peace and the entire student body gets together to quickly put up a party to leave a good impression with the Skullastic Superintendents. The plan succeeds, and after they've left, the students and Bloodgood confront and corner Van Hellscream and Crabgrass. Van Hellscream threatens to use one of his many potions and charms against the monsters, but Deuce beats him to it, petrifying both him and Crabgrass. Following this little interruption, the party continues.

Volume 3


This is a new experience for Abbey, so the girls summarize all the activities they like to do at a sleepover. Cleo brings up her favorite party game: Gargoyles to Gargoyles, which draws a few weary looks from her older friends.

As the girls prepare for a game of Gargoyles to Gargoyles to please Cleo, she proudly warns Abbey that she is undefeated. What neither Cleo nor Abbey know, though, is that Cleo is undefeated because the other girls let her win, because Cleo is very competitive and they are afraid to offend her by winning. Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Frankie all create their own defeats to get the game over with, but Abbey puts up a challenge for Cleo. The girls take her aside for a moment to explain the situation, but Abbey does not agree with their choice for cowardice.

Back at the game, Cleo and Abbey are at each other's throats, but Abbey is too good or lucky for Cleo to beat. Abbey triumphantly knocks Cleo out of the game and the other girls cringe as Cleo seemingly bursts into anger. But instead, Cleo is actually delighted to lose, because she's been looking for a worthy competitor. She exclaims that they'll be playing all night and the other girls, understanding that they misjudged Cleo, happily join in. Game of DeNile

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TV specials

Abbey appears helping Frankie with trying to stop Toralei and Draculaura's old crush from Transylvania, Valentine, from breaking Draculaura's heart during her Sweet 1600th Birthday celebration. When their first attempt with C.A. Cupid's help fails due to Toralei's intervention, Abbey takes over Cupid's radio show since Cupid was incapacitated for the time being, and later helps retrieve Cupid's bow from Toralei with Frankie and Lagoona by freezing the water that Lagoona spills on the catwalk, causing Toralei and her sidekicks to slip and lose their balance, allowing Frankie to break Cupid's spell so Clawd Wolf could break Valentine's over Draculaura. Afterwards, Abbey helps out Cupid with her radio show during the rest of Draculaura's celebration, although the advice she gives annoys Cupid somewhat. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Abbey is among the ghouls invited by Lagoona on a Spring Break trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, only for a kraken to wreck their boat and leave them stranded until they are rescued by Bartleby Farnum and taken to Skull Shores. When they learn of Farnum's real plans, Abbey and Ghoulia are trapped in a sinkhole trap and watched over by the Tiki Chief. After Frankie is kidnapped by the Beast of Skull Shores, Abbey is able to convince the Tiki Chief to rebel and turn against Farnum, befriending them in the process. Later, when Farnum's next attempt to capture the Beast, now known as Andy, at Monster High fails, but the damage incurred to the school as a result forces Headless Headmistress Bloodgood to close the school for a week to get repairs done, thereby extending Spring Break in the process, Abbey is able to return to Skull Shores to celebrate with the Tiki alongside the rest of the Monster High students. Escape From Skull Shores

TBA Friday Night Frights

Abbey appears in the Halloween special as, alongside Frankie and several other Monster High students, she is able to befriend Chad and Clair, a couple of the human students from New Salem High, but ends up with detention for violating the rules when it is believed she was seeking revenge on the New Salem students for the earlier pranks on Monster High by two of the New Salem boys. When Abbey attempts to rescue Jackson Jekyll from New Salem without being caught alongside Frankie, Lagoona, and Deuce, they are caught red-handed by Lilith Van Hellscream and the New Salem Sheriff, who take Jackson, after forcing him to transform back into Holt Hyde, into custody, but allow Abbey and the others to return to Monster High to face punishment from Bloodgood. When it is revealed that Holt is to be executed by the Sheriff with the Trick-or-Treatment, and the Monster Elder Council forbids Bloodgood from interfering, Abbey helps to distract the detention teacher, Mr. Hackington, while Frankie goes to get Lilith and Cleo to confess to the Sheriff. When the Sheriff still decides to carry out the execution, Abbey helps Frankie with rescuing Holt and returning to the Hall of Halloween just in time to dress in their Ghouls Rule attire and shows the New Salem students the true meaning of Halloween. After everyone boogies down to enjoy the party, Abbey is shown one last time with Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Cleo, all decked out in their Ghouls Rule attire. Ghouls Rule

TBA Scaris: City of Frights From Fear to Eternity

While Draculaura takes Clawdeen, Cleo, and Robecca home to Transylvania with her, Abbey remains behind with Frankie, Lagoona, and the others as they avoid getting into the argument between Howleen and Toralei over which of two male movie actors is more handsome than the other. Once the matter is settled in Cute Court, Abbey is impressed by the result. Later, at Elissabat's coronation and debut of her latest movie as Veronica Von Vamp, Abbey subdues Howleen and Toralei when they fight over the actor who portrayed the two they were originally squabbling about, and takes him to sit with her instead. Frights, Camera, Action!

Volume 4


Abbey frequents Art Class, where she is sculping Heath in ice. She is frustarated with Heath non commitment to the project and freezes him when he is about to sneeze and ruin the art class yet again. Eye of the Boo-holder

TV specials

After Frankie is chewed out by Mr. Rotter for her pathetic presentation on her scareitage project, Abbey is next up. She has brought a yeti, frozen in ice, to start off her project, stating that her family history dates back to the Ice Age, before warning everyone to prepare for a very long presentation. Later, she gets Ghoulia's text regarding bringing Frankie back from the dead, and lends her support to revive Frankie with all the good times she's spent at Monster High with her. Freaky Fusion

Volume 5


Abbey is representing The Himalayas in a booth and suggests it as Draculaura's destination. Sayonara Draculaura

Abbey goes to Peru to get her cousin Marisol, who carries her around through Monster Pichú, and decides to stay there an extra week. Meet You In Monster Picchu

Gloom and Bloom, Part 1 Gloom and Bloom, Part 2

TV specials

Abbey is amongst the crowd as they cheer on Sirena and Lagoona during the swim meet, and when they get Spectra's latest blog from the gossip she was told by Toralei. After that, she has more of a minor role until the end, when she joins in the celebrations of the newfound friendship between Monster and Haunted High. Haunted

Boo York, Boo York

Volume 6


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