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Sweet 1600 (Süße 1600)
Status: Trademark
Veröffentlichung: Ende November 2011
Anfang Dezember 2011
Ende Dezember 2011
Sortiment-Nummer: W9188
Model-Nummer: W9189 — Draculaura
W9190 — Frankie Stein
W9191 — Clawdeen Wolf
W9192 — Clawd Wolf
X3799 — C.A. Cupid
X0592 — Roadster

The Sweet 1600 assortment revolves around Draculaura's 1600th birthday. The released dolls are Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, C.A. Cupid and Clawd Wolf. An item-only pack, the Roadster, representing Draculaura's new car, is also part of the Sweet 1600 line. The regular dolls of the line were released in November, and C.A. and the Roadster in December 2011. C.A. Cupid was released as a Walmart-exclusive doll.

Each doll comes with an a present for Draculaura (except for Draculaura herself, who comes with a cake), a doll-sized invitation to Draculaura's party, and a key that includes a code that unlocks exclusive content on the Monster High Webseite. The exclusive content contains diaries, episode scripts and Q & A. All the guys and ghouls at Ula D's Sweet 1600.

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  • C.A. Cupid was scheduled for a Late January release, so that the three exclusives of early 2012 would be released systematically over the course of three months.
  • There have been rumors circulating the release of a second series of Sweet 1600 dolls following the discovery of a piece of artwork depicting the original four Sweet 1600 characters alongside Cleo, Deuce, Lagoona, Ghoulia and Holt, all dressed in style. However, Deuce is in his Dawn of the Dance clothes and Cleo in her Ghouls Rule clothes, and none of the outfits bar the original four appear in "Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love?". Lagoona, Holt and Ghoulia's outfits so far have not been shown on the episodes or released. It is thus unclear what they're meant to be from and for.

Die Serie Sweet 1600 (Süße 1.600) dreht es sich um Draculauras 1.600 Geburtstag.