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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Classroom (Monsterschüler)
Status: Official
Veröffentlichung: Mitte Juli 2011
Mitte Juni 2012
Anfang Oktober 2012
Sortiment-Nummer: W2556
Model-Nummer: W2557 — Ghoulia Yelps
W2558 — Frankie Stein
W2559 — Draculaura
W2560 — Lagoona Blue
X3711 — High School
Y4685 — Ghoulia Yelps
Y4686 — Frankie Stein
Y4687 — Lagoona Blue

Die Monsterschüler (Classroom) Serie features Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein, and Ghoulia Yelps dressed up for a specific class: Lagoona in Mad Science, Frankie in Home Ick, and Ghoulia in Physical Deaducation. The three dolls of the line were released in July 2011 and re-released with fewer accessories as Walmart exclusives in October 2012. The High School playset was released in June 2012.

Each doll comes with a locker (first release only), an extra outfit, several accesories, and a survival guide (first release only), which is personal notes written on their respective classes into textbooks along with stickers to decorate with.

A Draculaura Drama doll was announced, but no news has been heard of it since.

None of the Classroom outfits were ever seen in the webisodes, but some accessories are, while in other cases small references were made. The frog and egg with Lagoona's doll played a role in the webisodes "Freedom Fight" and "Hatch Me If You Can". Frankie's Home Ick class was mentioned in "Fear Squad", while Draculaura's unreleased Drama doll probably was meant to be promoted by the webisode "Clawditions". Ghoulia's doll would be the only one without a feature webisode, but curiously, a webisode playing on several points of her survival guide was released in Staffel 3: "Dodgeskull".


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