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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Gillington Webber
Monster High Schüler
Geburtstag:[1] {{{Geburtstag}}}
Alter: 15
Killer Style: ich mag es sommerlich schön,in kurze Hose und shirt
Mordsmäßige Macke: ich vergesse vieles!
Haustier: ich habe keins
Lieblingsbeschäftigung: Bücher lesen
Absolutes No-go: wenn andere Monster laut sind
Lieblingsfach: biologie
Ätzendes Schulfach: mathe. Ich Kriege immer zahlenchaos im Kopf!
Lieblingsfarbe: blau
Lieblingsessen: sushi
ABMF: lagoona blue und robecca steam
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Gillington "Gil" Webber ist der Sohn des Flußmonsters.

Über Gil Webber

Er trägt meistens einen Helm mit Süßwasser auf dem Kopf, außerdem eine letterman jacket und ist im Monster High Schwimm-Team. His first speaking appearance is in the webisode "Blue Lagoona" and he's voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Seit der 3. Staffel wird er von Evan Smith gesprochen.


Er ist eher zurückhaltend und still. Out of all of the jocks, Gil seems to be the most considerate, as seen when he tried to help Frankie Stein hook up Slow-Moe and Ghoulia Yelps. He also avoided his love interest Lagoona Blue out of fear of hurting her feelings.He is also very nice and helpful in school. It is shown in "Escape From Skull Shores", that when he is scared, he lowers his head into his tank. He is frightened easily but due to his good nature, has the capacity to be stronger than he may first appear.


Gil hat hellblaue Haut (oder Schuppen) und Flossen und an seinem Hals sind deutlich Kiemen zu sehen. Er hat eine große Flosse auf der Oberseite des Kopfes, die wie ein Irokesenschnitt gestylt ist und leicht zur zur Seite kippt.



Gil's parents are mentioned in "Road to Monster Mashionals". Gil tells Lagoona that his parents don't approve of him dating a salt water-dwelling girl. He was stated as the son of the River Monster in the Skull Shores doll assortment.


Er scheint gut mit Clawd Wolf befreundet zu sein.


Gil und Lagoona like each other a lot, and would date if it weren't for the interference of Gil's parents. In "Hatch Me If You Can", Gil is paired with Lagoona for an assignment, teaching the teenagers how to take care of a baby by using an egg. They take care of their egg, but when they're graded, the egg hatches and reveals a gargoyle. Gil comments that theirs was the only one to hatch, indicating they were good parents.

Later in "Don't Cheer the Reaper", Gil avoids Lagoona until she confronts him. He regretfully tells Lagoona that his parents don't want him hanging around her anymore because she's from the sea. He apologizes and leaves her in tears. Sometime between "Queen of the Scammed" and "HooDoo You Like?" he lies to Lagoona and says his parents are okay with the relationship so as not to hurt her feelings. They hold hands in "Fear Pressure" after they both win an award on the swim team.

When Lagoona finds out Gil lied, she encourages him to be true to himself, and in "Desperate Hours" he tells his parents that they were wrong about seafolk, tells Lagoona that they will date whether or not his parents approve. In "Miss Infearmation", Lagoona asks if he'll be around during the summer and they jokingly embrace on another. Lagoona nicknames Gil 'freshy' and Gil calls her 'salty'.

In both "Hyde and Shriek" and "Nefera Again" Lagoona comments that she hasn't seen Gil all summer, with the other ghouls reassuring her that he must just be busy. However, in "Back-to-Ghoul", it is revealed that Gil was actually sent away to another school by his parents, just as he had said they would do. Gil comes back to Monster High in "Here Comes Treble", and he and Lagoona resume their relationship.


Gil appears many times in the cartoon series:

  • Party Planners - Gil appears at the birthday party and when Draculaura invites him to Frankie's birthday.
  • Blue Lagoona - Gil is introduced as Lagoona's crush, and asks her to meet him at the fountain.
  • Hatch Me If You Can - Gil and Lagoona are paired up for a class assignment and appear romantic.
  • Date of the Dead - Gil is sitting at a table with the other jocks.
  • Varsity Boos - Gil is talking with his friends when he sees Lagoona and his friends want him to ask her to dance. It is also visible that his hair (or fins) are shorter.
  • Screech to the Beach - Gil appears in Lagoona's dream, where she rescues him from drowning on land.
  • Witch Trials - Gil plays with Lagoona.
  • Don't Cheer the Reaper - Lagoona invites Gil to play Monster Polo with her, but he turns her down.
  • Road to Monster Mashionals - Gil tells Lagoona that his parents don't want him seeing her anymore, as she's from the sea and he's from fresh water.
  • Queen of the Scammed - Talking to Lagoona about his parents not liking "seafolk" by her locker in Coffin Corridor.
  • HooDoo You Like? - Talking to Deuce about having lied to Lagoona about his parents accepting their relationship.
  • Fear Pressure - Competing in the school swim team and winning the gold trophy with Lagoona.
  • Fear the Book - Throughout the episode, Gil is worried about his parents finding out about him and Lagoona still being together if they see the Fearbook.
  • Desperate Hours - Gil calls his parents to tell them about him and Lagoona, and that they were wrong about her.
  • Miss Infearmation - Hugs Lagoona and says is hopeful that his parent's will change their opinion.
  • Here Comes Treble - Talks with Lagoona in the background while Jackson talks to Frankie, mentioned in Fright On, that he came back.
  • Fright On! - Seen eating lunch with Lagoona.
  • Ghosts with Dirty Faces - Seen cuddling with Lagoona in the hallways.

Although he is not seen properly after "Miss Infearmation", Lagoona constantly worries about him over the summer because he didn't answer any of her texts and e-mails. In "Back-to-Ghoul", however, Lagoona says his parents sent him away to another school because they didn't want him hanging out with a saltwater monster. She is still lamenting losing him in the later webisode "The Bermuda Love Triangle".

Meta Timeline

"Wusstest du schon, dass...?"-Fakten

  • Gil ist die erste männliche Puppe mit ausgeprägten Handgelenken.
  • Gil also has a unique body mold, including scaled skin, gills and a transluscent dorsal fin alongside his spine.




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